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Five Habits Keep You Away from Non-bacterial Prostatitis

Not like other types of Prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis is very different and mysterious. There is no bacterium in the nidus of quite a number of patients. But when check the prostatic fluid we find that the number of white blood cell increased and the patients’ prostates in fact are infected. Prostate inflammation usually has no obvious symptoms and when it shows up, it always makes people unexpected and unprepared. Thus, it is of great importance of taking precautions advance. Prostatitis, as a matter of fact, is not difficult to be prevented. With several good habits, we can keep away from the Prostatitis.

Drink water frequently
The most basic and also the simplest is to drink water because it can dilute blood and urine. Prostate is located in the upper part of urethral canal. We all know that the more water, the more frequent urination, thus promoting the metabolism and protecting the prostate from being disturbed by inflammation. But at the same time, do not suppress the urine. Frequently suppression of urination will lead to negative stimulation to prostate.
Massage the perineum with a moderate degree
It’s better to do the massage both in the morning and evening and every time for ten minutes is enough. Do not put too much strength on it while massaging. If we can do it consistently, we can improve the blood circulation of prostate greatly by ourselves. 
Avoid having sex too frequently
Too frequent sexual life can make the prostate under the state hyperaemia for a long time, and so can the excessive masturbation. Under this kind of constant state of congetion, prostate is at a higher risk of getting inflammation.
Avoid spicy food
It’s very important to enjoy delicious food, but the more important thing is to keep our prostate healthy. So, don’t have spicy food too often. If possible, stop smoking and drinking and keep a healthy diet.
Keep exercising
Doing exercise is an efficient way to strengthen our immunity and improve the blood circulation of prostate and a good mood can also do some help to the health of it. 
These measures are just some tiny things in our daily life,. If we can keep them persistently, I believe that we can be away from the torture of Prostatitis. But, there is still another thing we need to keep in mind. That is, have a timely and proper treatment of inflammation of surrounding organs or tissues because prostate is easy to be infected by this sort of inflammation. I’ve heard of a kind of medicine, called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, can cure kinds of inflammation very efficiently,. Maybe you can try if other pills are not effective enough.

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