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Three Ways to Cure Chronic Prostatitis

Prostate plays an indispensible role in human body as one of the rare glands that have the function of both internal and external secretion. It can secret about 2ml prostatic fluid everyday, which is main ingredient of semen. Prostate is easy to be infected by chronic inflammation, usually called chronic Prostatitis, may make the prostate swelling, a less forceful urine stream, sometimes urine with blood and other symptoms and it always takes a long time to be cured but at the same time, it repeats easily. While is this case, present, there are several common ways for it. 

Psychological therapy 
In most cases, the doctor will give some advice to the patients, such as keeping optimistic and having faith in treatment. But we all know clearly that psychological therapy can only work as an assistant method and can never cure disease radically.
There’s no doubt that antibiotics is the most common medicine at present, but its drug resistance also makes many people hesitate. This time it may work, but what about the next time? Aiming at solving this problem, Doctor Lee Xiaoping contributed herself to studying in this field, and finally developed a kind of traditional Chinese medicine-- diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, made of plantain seed, peach seed, pink herb, polygonum aviculare and other herbs. Those herbs can eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear up heat and remove toxins. According to the feedback from the patients who had taken Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, after about three months, most of their symptoms disappeared. Besides, many of them also found that taking anti-inflammatory medicines along with warm sitz baths is even much more effective.
Other ways
There are also other ways to treat Chronic Prostatitis, such as prostate massage, biological feedback treatment, heat treatment and so on. Take the heat treatment for example. It promotes blood circulation and relives inflammation just like the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill does.
Anyway,no matter what kind of treatment you choose, the most important thing is to do it without any delay in case that worse diseases are triggered.

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