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The Treatments of Dark Yellow Semen Caused by Prostatitis

Dark yellow semen, typically raises alarms for a man; however, yellow semen usually has natural and benign causes. It is a common belief among many doctors that yellow semen is rarely ever a sign of anything permanently damaging to the man or his fertility. In fact, the worst case scenario for a man who experiences a yellow semen color involves only a round of antibiotics. The most common causes of yellow semen are urine, age, diet and infection.


From the specific analysis above, we can reveal that prostatitis is one of the main causes to dark yellow semen. In order to relieve the symptoms of yellow semen, we can focus on the following points. 

Diet therapy
Diet therapy plays an important role in curing the disease. Food especially high in sulfur can cause yellow semen. The main kinds of food that contain sulfur and may change semen yellow include chives, onions, shallots and garlic. So this kind of food should be controlled in the yellow semen’s patient daily dietary.  
Medicine therapy
Infection is the first assumption of many men, and most doctors believe it is more likely to be the cause with younger men. Here Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill can be taken into consideration. Firstly, the pill made of Chinese herbs is nature and safe without side effects and drug resistances, the yellow semen’s patient can take it without any worries.
Secondly, it is familiar to us that plantain seeds and pink herbs are sweet in flavor and easily enters the kidney, bladder, lungs, and liver. The herbs is usually used in alleviating water retention, removing blood stasis, clearing away heat, and eliminating phlegm, so these herbs in the medicine can promote urination and relieve the symptoms of yellow semen to a certain extent. Last but not the least, it can promote blood and Qi circulation to release the pain caused by infections.
Diet therapy culture has a long standing in China, but it takes a long way to go to cure the disease completely, your body would be infected by the bacteria before your immune system gets strong. So the medicine therapy is recommended by the doctor, Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill combines the advantages of diet therapy and western medicine, which makes it definitely an alternative for those who are looking for a completely prostatitis treatment.

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