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Get rid of prostate congestion to prevent prostatitis

As a common disease, prostatitis could be caused by a lot of factors in the daily life.

On one hand, it is mainly caused by the infection of microorganism. On the other hand, males’ bad living habits can also lead to prostatitis, such as abnormal urinary function, prostate congestion, the lack of active zinc, emotional factors, etc, while what we need to mention here is prostate congestion.
Prostate congestion is a phenomenon caused by the condition that the blood flow of the prostate tissue is over than normal one. In clinically, there are a lot of factors that could cause prostate congestion, while these factors are not only the inducements of prostatitis, but also the points that affecting seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, prostate urethra, vesical neck and other tissues badly. 
To prevent prostate congestion causing prostatitis, let’s see some main factors of causing prostate congestion as following listed first:
1.Irregular life. Both frequent sexual lives and excessive masturbation will cause the prostate to be congested abnormally. While if the sexual life is controlled exceedingly, it will lead to long-time automatic excitement, causing prostate congestion.
2. Long time injury at the area of perineum. Long-time riding and sitting will injure the perineum repeatedly and cause prostate congestion, especially long-time bicycle riding. 
3. Unhealthy life style. TCM takes the view that wine, cold food and fried food could cause damp and hot from one’s body, accumulating in the reproductive organs and leading to congestion. 
4. Improper massages on prostate. It will cause external stimuli and lead to prostate congestion.
5. A cold. A cold could excite one’s sympathetic nerve and increase internal pressure of urethra, and shrink prostatic ductules, hampering the excretion of prostatic fluid and causing congestion. 
Experts introduce that, if patients want to treat prostatitis caused by prostate congestion, all the factors of causing congestion need to be eliminated first. At the same time, taking TCM with the function of removing blood stasis is also a good way to cure prostatitis caused by prostate congestion completely. 
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, with the national patent, has the functions of removing blood stasis, promoting qi circulation and relieving pain. Its function of clearing away heat and toxic materials could kill various germs and turn mycoplasma, chlamydia into negative. Its functions of promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria could remove the symptom of urethra stimulus. All these functions could help patients get rid of prostatitis successfully.

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