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Is soda water beneficial for the recovery of prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a normal disease that confused male friends. The treatments of prostatitis are divided into two points. One is physical therapy while the other is drug treatment. However, many patients do not pay enough attention to the recovery of prostatitis, which is also important for them in daily life. It will serious affect the therapeutic effect of the disease. 

While, how to adjust the life style for recovery treatment of the disease? Is soda water or carbonated beverage beneficial for the recovery?
According to traditional Chinese medicine doctors, keep a good living habits is very important to the treatment of prostatitis. However, weak alkaline or acid drinks are not beneficial for the recovery of prostatitis. 
Soda water belongs to the weak alkaline water, it has the function that neutralizing stomach acid. In addition, the soda water helps to relieve symptoms of digestion and constipation. Although the water has some benefits to human health, there is no evidence to suggest that it is beneficial for the recovery of prostatitis. On the contrary, excessive drinking of soda water will cause the alkalosis, hypokalemia, and headache etc. What is more serious is that it will affect the quality of the sperm. Therefore, drink soda water moderately help to adjust the balance of acid-base in body, but does not effect on the recovery of prostatitis.
The recuperation of Qi and blood is important for the recovery of diseases, and is rewarded and respected by traditional Chinese medicine doctors. After thousands of years of development, Chinese herbal medicine was proved to be the first choice to treat diseases, especially for chronic disorders.
Plantain Seed is a famous plant of herb. It has good effects on diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Patients with acute or chronic prostatitis can drink the liquid medicine that decocted by Plantain Seed to relieve the symptoms of disease. If some patients does not like the taste of Plantain Seed or other herbs, a herbal pill was developed by Dr. Lee who is a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor, to take the place of Plantain Seed. The pill, named as Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, rich in the ingredient of Plantain Seed and have the same effective of diuretic and anti-inflammatory. 
Besides, Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill not only to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis, it also to treat the disease from the root and completely eradicate the recurrence of prostatitis.

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