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Herbal therapy or sitz baths for prostatitis, which is more effective?

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. The inflammation can be due to an infection as well as other various causes. Prostatitis accounts for nearly 25% of physician office visits for genitourinary complaints in young and middle-aged men, and it accounts for nearly 2 million visits per year to outpatient urology practices in the United States. 

High incidence of prostatitis may have important relationship with change of lifestyle. More and more patients regard the question that can prostatitis be cured? Traditional Chinese medicine like herbal therapy or daily life therapy like sitz baths for prostatitis, which is more effective?
According to doctors, the treatment for prostatitis depends on the underlying cause and type of prostatitis. As everyone knows that antibiotics are prescribed if the cause is a bacterial infection. While the recuperation of this disease used by the traditional Chinese medicine are more effective, especially for chronic prostatitis. Herbal medicine is much better than antibiotics to treat this type of prostatitis. Meanwhile, compared with sitz baths for prostatitis, herbal therapy is more effective for acute or chronic prostatitis.
The reasons why the herbal medicine is more effective for prostatitis easy to understand. First of all is that herbal medicine, such as Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which is a specific medicine for prostatitis, can penetrate into prostate because of a guiding herb. The guiding herb can reduce the treating period and lead the rest herbs to work on inflammatory part. Second reason is that the herbal medicine has no side-effect. Herbal medicine which refined from herbs has no harmful for patients. Thirdly, do not like antibiotics, herbal medicine can't make the drug resistance of bacteria. Herbal medicine works on the immune system and clear away most of bacteria infection. Therefore, no matter how long you have to take herbs, drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria isn't the thing you have to worry about. 
However, what is the therapeutic effect of sitz baths for prostatitis? The theory of sitz baths is very simple. Sitz baths increases the temperature of patients, loose muscles and expand vessels. Then promote the blood circulation and elimination of inflammatory exudate. Long-term sitz baths can relieve the clinical symptoms of prostatitis patients. While it is not recommended for senile patients and childless young patients. Long-time sitz baths will affect the spermatogenic function of testicles and result in male infertility. Therefore, herbal therapy is more effective than sitz baths for prostatitis. As a consequence, herbal medicine is the best choice to treat prostatitis.

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