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What tests do I need for chronic prostatitis?

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is a pelvic pain condition in men, and should be distinguished from other forms of prostatitis such as chronic bacterial prostatitis and acute bacterial prostatitis. This condition was formerly known as prostatodynia (painful prostate). There are no definitive diagnostic tests for CP/CPPS. This is a poorly understood disorder, even though it accounts for 90–95% of prostatitis diagnoses.  

For CP/CPPS patients, examination of your prostate gland and analysis of your kidneys and urinary tract are necessary, especially due to the fact that the differentiation between patients with inflammatory and non-inflammatory subgroups of CP/CPPS is useful.
Examination of your prostate gland. Your doctor may examine your prostate gland, using a gloved finger in your back passage. Your prostate gland may be tender on examination in chronic prostatitis. However, this examination is not for every case.
Further tests of your kidneys and urinary tract are needed. If your doctor suspects that you have chronic bacterial prostatitis, they may suggest that you have further tests to rule out any problem with your urinary tract that may have contributed to (or caused) the infection. For example, an ultrasound scan of your kidneys to look for any abnormalities.
Tests to exclude other causes for your symptoms including:
Chronic prostatitis can produce similar symptoms to a sexually transmitted infection. For this reason, if you are at risk of a sexually transmitted infection, your doctor may suggest that you have some swab or urine tests to exclude this. But to note, chronic prostatitis is not a sexually transmitted infection.
Other tests may be advised to rule out other conditions of your prostate or nearby organs if your symptoms are not typical. For example, sometimes your doctor may suggest a blood test to exclude other problems with your prostate gland.
Having done these tests, if you are diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, you should get the right treatments immediately. The pill, named as Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, is rich in the ingredient of Plantain Seed and have very good effects on treating chronic prostatitis. Besides, Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can not only to relieve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, but also it can treat the disease from the root and completely eradicate the recurrence of prostatitis.

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