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Could Holding Urine Lead to Prostatitis?

Holding urine for a long time is the most common causes leading to an attack of prostatitis. This high pressure situation forces urine into the tubes and ducts of the prostate, causing severe irritation, and making the prostate more susceptible to infection. So there is no doubt that holding urine could lead to prostatitis, but holding urine for a long time is not the only cause of prostatitis.


There are also some other causes that may lead to prostatitis.

Seasonal or dietary allergies may inflame the prostate causing UTIS and enabling it to be more easily infected, or inflamed. Prostatitis is usually not a sexually transmitted disease and usually cannot be caught or passed to a partner, however, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia may cause prostatitis by infecting. Unprotected anal sex can cause bacterial contamination and infection. 
For the same reason, holding urine could not only cause prostatitis, it also has many bad effects. Holding urine for long periods may lead to lose control of urine or voiding dysfunction. Children who hold their urine too long may appear voiding dysfunction. What’s worse, if urine is constantly held in the bladder, the sphincter may not respond correctly. If the nerves that send messages are not firing correctly it may cause you to retain urine due to the inability of the sphincter muscles to relax.
Holding urine longer than necessary can also lead to several urinary related problems, including urinary or bladder infection and kidney disease. When urine is held for long periods it can develop high levels of bacteria that would cause these infections. A urinary tract infections - or UTI - can lead to the more serious bladder and kidney infections. These conditions are characterized by symptoms such as pain during urination, persistent need to urinate, fever, chills and stomach pain.
Generally speaking, holding prostatitis could not only lead to prostatitis, but also some other urinary or bladder infections or kidney diseases. At the same time, holding urine is not the only cause of prostatitis. So don’t hold urine, it is the necessary step to stay away from these diseases.
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