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What are the changes of sperm when suffering from prostatitis?

Semen is the mixture of sperm and seminal plasma. Sperm is the living cell in testicular convoluted tubule. Seminal plasma is the mixture of testicular liquid, epididymal fluid, spermatic fluid, accessory sex gland secretion and urethral gland fluid, etc, in which include the prostate fluid. Prostate fluid is about 20%-30% of seminal plasma.


Seminal plasma not only is essential medium of transporting sperm, but also contains vital substance to maintain living sperm, and can stimulate sperm activity. Semen contains a variety of substances or nutrients, such as organic matters, inorganic ions, many enzymes, which acts for freezing or liquefying semen, are from prostatic fluid, such as aminopeptidase, fibrinolytic enzyme, Arginase, etc.

When you get prostatitis, prostate fluid quality will be changed and interferes in the sperm activity and survival rate. Therefore, it affects sperm quality.
The bad influences of prostatitis on sperm quality are as follows,
1, It reduces the survival rate of sperm. As we mentioned on the paragraph 1 that prostatic secretion of prostate fluid is part of the semen and supplies the nutrient to sperm. If prostatitis gotten, there are a lot of bacteria and bacterial toxins existing in prostate fluid, which can consume nutrients of seminal plasma that affects the survival of the sperm.
2, It reduces the activity of sperm. If prostatitis gotten, the activity of enzymes in the prostatic fluid will drop, which makes liquefaction time of semen extended and affects sperm activity.
3, It kills the sperm. Prostatitis can make the body produce anti-sperm antibody that has destructive effects on sperm.
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