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Is prostatitis from Chlamydia Contagious?

When a disease is diagnosed, the patient worries about its contagiosity as well as its treatment. Some prostatitis patients may ask: is prostatitis from chlamydia contagious?

The answer is yes. Prostatitis from chlamydia is contagious because of the character of chlamydia. 
Chlamydia is believed to be a widespread pathogene. In certain circumstances, it can cause various infections in urinogenital system such as cervix uterus infection and urinary tract infection.
Sexual contact is a main spreading way of chlamydia. A man’s prostatitis from chlamydia may cause his sexual partner’s cervix uterus infection. When prostatitis from chlamydia is diagnosed, the man shall stop sexual activities and take his sexual partner to be examined immediately.
Daily necessities contact is another spreading way of chlamydia. Infection might happen when a person contacts the towel, clothing, or basin used by an infected person. And sharing a bathing pool with an infected person is also very dangerous. Thus when prostatitis from chlamydia is diagnosed, his daily necessities shall be used separately and be disinfected if necessary.
Prevention is important. Great attention shall be paid to personal hygiene to prevent contagious prostatitis from chlamydia. For example, never live in small hotels while sanitary condition is not guaranteed, avoid sharing bathing pools with strangers, and make sure sexual activity is safe and clean. This will decrease the possibilities to be infected.
And for treatment of prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine is widely used. Herbal medicine is environment friendly with fewer side effects while antibiotics may cause drug resistance for some patients. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is an efficient herbal medicine and is recommended to treat prostatitis.
Meanwhile the following auxiliary guidance shall be followed to accelerate the recovery of the prostate: 
1. Cold compress the testicles with wet towel in summer. Do it 2 to 3 times at night everyday. Make sure the testicles shrink properly.
2. Do morning exercises like jogging for 10 to 15 minutes. It is acceptable to sweat slightly.
3. Do massage along the urethra for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a strength to the maximum as you can bear.
4. Get completely relaxed and keep a good emotion status.
5. Stand up and do levator ani exercise. Do it 50 to 100 times after getting up and before going to bed everyday. Stop it after the anus feels hot.
6. Flap at waist with hands to accelerate blood circulation of kidney. Do it 100 to 150 times everyday in the morning.

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