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Is the prostatitis contagious and how to avoid the contagious?

Chronic prostatitis can be classified into bacterial chronic prostatitis and non-bacteria; chronic prostatitis two types, which the nonbacterial prostatitis is far more than the bacterial type. Since prostatitis is a terrible condition, lots of patients wondered are the prostatitis a contagious disease? Should they avoid sex while having the prostatitis?

To answer this question, we should take it separately. If it is a nonbacterial prostatitis, which accounts for 90%, it isn’t a contagious disease, for no bacteria can be found in the prostatic fluid. Therefore, there is no need to avoid sex. However, it the prostatitis is bacterial type. We should figure out what kind of bacteria are they. 
However, there also are a few types of chronic prostatitis are caused by trichomonad, mould gonococcus, mycoplasma, or choamydiae infection, which are called specific prostatitis. As for those infection factors, in the early stage, it does is contagious. So at the beginning, men should avoid sex in case of transmiting these toxic materials to their wives. This type of can be diagnosed from test, massage and so on. 
In addition to these toxic materials mentioned above, the prostatitis can also be caused by some other bacteria like escherichia coli. But this type bacterial prostatitis isn’t a contagious disease. Therefore, patients whose prostatitis is caused by escherichia coli needn’t to avoid sex. 
Therefore, is the prostatitis contagious or not depends on what type of prostatitis they suffer from and what kind of bacteria they have. What’s more, proper sex is good for the recovery of prostate gland. So patients should pay value it strategically. 
Chronic prostatitis, including the nonbacterial prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis, can be cured by antibiotic and herbal formula. However, based on the data that I collected, herbal medicine is better than antibiotic. Herbal formula has lots of advantages. Take the herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for example. This herbal medicine has no side-effect, so no harmful materials can be produced and no damages can be caused on liver and kidney. Moreover, no drug resistance makes the effect of this herbal medicine be as good as the first day. Generally speaking, prostatitis can be cured by this herbal medicine within around 3 months.

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