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Are diuretics good for prostatitis?

 Are diuretics good for prostatitis?

Prostatitis is due to inflammation stimulation, which can produce a series of symptoms such as vesical tenesmus, perineum, testicular pain etc to make patients feel irritable. Long-term failure treatment, symptoms and discomfort will directly affect sex life as well as lead to vicious stimulations such as impotence, premature ejaculation and male infertility. Fortunately, we are surrounded by lots of medicines. Maybe some people are quite familiar with diuretics and regard these kinds of medicines as effective ways in curing prostatitis. But what is the truth?
Diuretics are good but not the best 
According to the new edition of Oxford Dictionary, diuretic is medicine that cause an increase in the flow of the urine. Based on the definition, we can know that diuretic is good for urine problems. In other words, the function of diuretic is relieving stranguria and improving urine problems. According to the first paragraph, it is easy for us to understand prostatitis is quite different with urine problems. So the conclusion is that diuretics may give prostatitis patients temporary relief, but can not provide the thorough treatment. Therefore, how about prostatitis patients? How to deal with prostatitis? What is a wise choice for prostatitis patients?
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is your better choice
Anti-inflammatory is used for diseases such as orchitis, mumps, epididymitis, and inflammation after surgery. As for diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it is a good combination of utility and efficacy. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and men’s genitourinary disorder like UTI, bladder infection and so on. The pill is made of Chinese herbs. And it is natural and safe without side effects and drug resistance. The key point is that diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is effective and affordable for the treatment of prostatitis. First, it can kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation and cure prostatitis from the root causes. Second, it works well on inducing diuresis and reducing edema. Third, it has the effects on dissolving stasis and clearing heat. The last but not the least, it can relieve pain and nourish blood.
According to the statistics, nearly 25% men are plagued by prostatitis. So we should focus on our health. At the same time, we should choose the right medicine if we are ill. Diuretics have little direct impact on prostatitis. But diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is a better choice, which has been proven to be effective.

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