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Can A Man Get Prostatitis Through Abstinence?

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease of the urogenital system and mainly includes two types of bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis. Close to 50% of the men will encounter the influence of prostatitis symptom at a moment in life because it is a very high incidence and confusing disease.



Owing to its etiology, pathological changes, clinical symptoms are complicated, chronic prostatitis has a certain influence on male sexual function and reproductive function, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients, so that they suffer great mental and physical torture.

The etiology of chronic prostatitis is complex, even a considerable degree of searches on the pathogenesis, but no breakthrough of it. Chronic prostatitis is primary or secondary disease caused by lesion of the prostate and its surrounding tissues, organs, muscles and nerves, so damage it caused are still kept in there even the diseases have been cured or eradicated.
The main reason of it may be the combination action of infection, inflammation and abnormal pelvic muscle activity.
While talking about abnormal pelvic muscle activity, expert said that because semen is combination of sperm from the testis, secretion from seminal vesicle, most of it is prostate secretion from prostate, which are also stored in the seminal vesicle. If a man has no ejaculation for a long time, his seminal vesicle is kept in a high tension state. That’s why excessive abstinence can cause prostatitis.
Besides abstinence can cause prostatitis, a male in appropriate age is inevitably having sexual impulse, if he has no sexual intercourse in time due to various objective reasons, and the excitement however cannot be able to vent, impulse will naturally fade and restore calm.
The reproductive system changes as sexual impulse happens each time, for the secretion of various related glands increased, blood vessels expanded. This can easily lead to prostatitis.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has already applied the national patent, can cure men’s reproductive diseases like prostatitis caused by various reasons. It is made from the pure natural herbs, so its advantage is no resistance, so don’t be afraid if you’ve already gotten prostatitis through abstinence and this pill can cure your disease within 3 months if you persist on taking it on time according to the instruction.
Meanwhile, it can save your time and costs spending on hospital and its treating method are more traditional and safe than western medicine treatment and result is foreseeable.
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