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How to prevent prostatitis with home remedies?

Prostatitis, especially the chronic one, is a suffering for the patients, so doing some prevention at home is very important for the men. Here I will introduce some home remedies to prevent prostatitis.

First, some healthy daily diet for prostatitis prevention. There are so many foods with the natural cure function for prostatitis. The list of them is putting here.
1. Drink Water a lot to increase the urination process thereby clearing the inflamed prostate and improving its health.
2. Pumpkin seeds, consumed along with milk or honey can works in improving the potency of men thereby overcoming inflammation.
3. Watermelon seeds with unsaturated fatty acids in it can help balance the pH level in the urinary bladder and tract that is needed for strengthening prostate.
4. Red Grape & Red Berry and Tomato with lycopene, a substance that improves the health of gland and acts against aging efficiently can help in strengthening of prostate glands. They can ease the irritation on prostate instantly.
5. Vegetable juices of carrot, spinach and beetroot play an effective role in overcoming prostatitis. Consuming carrot and spinach juice mixture helps in regulating the circulation that reduces swelling in tissues. 
6. Sesame seeds are one of oldest natural cure for prostatitis. Soak it overnight and consume it in the morning.
7. The extract of turmeric and curcumin has a powerful anti-toxin that helps in lessening the prostate inflammation. It has to be boiled in water and the filled out decoction has to be consumed twice a day helping the prostatitis sufferer big time.
Second, some physical remedies for prostatitis prevention.
1. Exercise more to get a health body and immune system. Avoid sitting for long periods of time.
2. Sexual life should regular and pay attention to the hygiene. Intercourse with condom is better.
3. Sitz bath with warm water or prostate massage regularly can relax the prostate and promote the blood circulation.
Third, the home herbs and formula for the situation when having some similar symptoms before you go for a diagnosis. 
1. Goldenseal, a powerful antibiotic, can kill the bacteria to pacify and heal the urinary tract. This action also shrinks a swollen prostate to relieve the pain during semen ejaculation.
2. Horsetail is used in treating prostatitis related urinary issues. but it is only used as short-term treatment because its continuous exposure will cause thiamine and potassium deficiency.
3. Palmeto is a magical herb which provides relief from painful urination caused by the inflammation of prostate glands and clears the urinal tract, initiating the urine stream, heals pain in pelvic and testicular regions, decreases swelling and destroys the bacteria that caused the infection. 
4. Diuretic anti-inflammatory pill is a completed formula without resulting in drug resistance. It has the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting the blood circulation to remove blood stasis, inducing diuresis for treating stranguria, which is very effective to solve the problems of the male reproductive system from the prospective of traditional Chinese medicine.

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