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Frequent urination and discomfort at the tip of penis may mean you have prostatitis

With the pace of life accelerated, many men ignore their own health problems. Prostatitis is inevitably the key enemy for most men. According to experts prophecy, generally speaking, most prostatitis patients may have different syndromes in clinical manifestations. What cause the Prostatitis? Now there are still no comprehensive and correct medicine treatments to explain these.


Prostatitis is common in clinical diseases, If not treated, it would do more harm to health. It may be jeopardize the urethra and cause the bladder obstruction, urinary tract inflammation, Kidney seeper and Chronic renal failure. Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of prostatitis, but not the most serious, herbal treatment can be used to recuperate your body, while diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is one of popular herbals medicine in market. This pills was patented on July 10 in 2009 that proposed by Xiaoping Li comes from Wuhan. 

It attends the male reproductive system and urinary system diseases for men and women including prostatitis, orchitis, Seminal, men and women urethritis, cystitis and so on. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill were based on the subtraction of ancient recipes coming from doctor Lee. Making use of pangolins, and other method such as blood circulation, optometrists to eliminate the pains and also achieving anti-proliferative, anti-fibrotic, swelling, removing mucosal hyperplasia effects. This is the unique charm of traditional Chinese medicine. Many patients’ conditions were not optimistic, after several months of treatment in doctor Lee’s office, they receiving health and confidence for life. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill deserved your trying. 
In addition to medication, of course, male compatriots need to adjust by themselves too, such as giving up their bad habits, doing more exercise, drinking more water, walking regularly. As you know doing more exercise can enhance resistance in daily life, jogging for half an hour every day, can be effectively enhanced physique, and running ,can also do massage effect for prostate. But there should be less movement of friction of the prostate, such as long-distance riding a bicycle.
As urogenital system is so important for men, one should pay much attention to it and try to keep far away from bad habits and form good habits in their daily life.

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