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Is It likely That Prostatitis Will Cause Leg Pain?

According to clinical experience, many men inquire the doctors whether their leg pain is caused by prostatitis. It shows that they worry a lot about this male disease.

To ease this worry, it is better to have more knowledge of the common symptoms of prostatitis. Basically the symptoms can be described by following five parts: 
1. Uncomfortable urination: stimulated bladder, frequent urination with hot and painful feeling in the urethra, and the uncomfortable feeling extends to the head of penis. There are sticking secretions on the urethral orifice and the urination gets difficult in the early morning.
2. Partial symptoms: posterior urethra, perineum and anus feels fall-swell pain and it worsens when the patient squats, shits or sits in chair for a long time.
3. Radiating pain: for chronic prostatitis, the pain are not limited to body parts like urethra or perineum, it might affect nearby parts like waist, penis, spermatic cord, testis, scrotum, lower abdomen, inguinal region, thigh, and rectum. The waist pain caused by prostatitis is at the lower part of waist and shall be distinguished from the pain at the upper part which is caused by orthopedic disease. 
4. Sexual dysfunction: chronic prostatitis causes sexual hypoactivity, painful  ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and low quality sperm.
5. Other symptoms: chronic prostatitis causes nervous breakdown while the patient may feel weak and dizzy and suffer from insomnia. Long term prostatitis may cause diseases such as conjunctivitis and arthritis.
Based on the above possible symptoms, prostatitis shall be diagnosed by professional doctors. Patients shall go to the clinic and ask for treatments as early as possible.
It is a great challenge to find suitable treatments. One common treatment is to use antibiotics. However, it is believed that the prostate is hidden deeply in a position where antibiotics cannot reach and take effects easily. And drug resistance to antibiotics is commonly found. Thus herbal medicine is getting popular instead. 
Herbal medicine is believed to be safe with fewer side effects, but to decoct herbal medicine correctly is a problem for many patients. As a result, a new product named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill appears. Doctors say it keeps the curative effect of traditional herbal medicine and becomes more convenient to take.

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