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The spouse should be treated if one part has the gonococcal prostatitis

Gonococcal prostatitis refers to the prostatitis caused by the gonococcal infection, it is also a complication of gonococcal urethritis which is mainly caused by the back flow of the urine with gonococcal. The disease is very common among the young men aged 20 to 45, and it is also a sexually transmitted disease, so the sufferer’s spouse should also accept the treatment while he is being treated with gonococcal prostatitis.

The sufferer’s spouse should accept the treatment when the sufferers are treating his gonococcal prostatitis
The gonococcal prostatitis usually are secondary to the gonococcal urethritis, it is the result of the delayed or non-effective treatment, or the result of the gonococcal drug resistance. The patients are suggested to do the prostatic fluid cultures if they have the symptoms like urinary frequency, painful urination, the redness and swelling around the opening of the urethra, tenderness in the perineum. The patients’ spouse should also accept the test if the patients have been confirmed the infection of gonococcal. The spouse should also accept the treatment if they also have infected by the gonococcal. Otherwise, the condition may worsen.
Many stubborn gonococcal prostatitis patients don’t attach great attention to their disease, and have sex as usual, then their spouse become the victims because the gonococcal can enter into the urogenital organs, then they will trigger the gynecologic inflammation (the gonococcal urethritis). 
The effective treatment is very important in treating the gonococcal prostatitis
Gonococcal prostatitis brings great damages to people, it will cause many complications without timely treatment, and it can even lead to infertility if the condition is serious, so it is very important to treat the gonococcal prostatitis timely. The sufferers and their spouses should accept the treatment simultaneously, and the sex should be prohibited in the process of treatment.
Clinically, the doctors will prescribe the antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin, ampicillin, etc. for the patients. But the antibiotics can cause the drug resistance and tolerance after taking it for a period, so antibiotics are not the perfect drugs for the gonococcal prostatitis. However, the typical traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure the gonococcal prostatitis. The medicine can kill most of the bacteria and virus, even the pathogens like gonorrhea and chlamydia. It can also promote the circulation of blood and Qi to relieve the pain caused by the prostatitis.
To sum up, the spouses’ treatment should also catch your attention, the female can take the medicine Fuyan Pill to treat it if they have been infected by the gonococcal. 

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