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2 questions about the relationship between drinking alcohol and prostatitis

1.  Does drinking alcohol lead to prostatitis?

About the question, the answer is very likely. Then, how does drinking alcohol cause prostatitis?  

A study in the Harvard Men's Health Watch reported that men (ages 40 to 64) who drank an average of no more than one glass of red wine per day (specifically, four to seven glasses per week) were 52 percent as likely to get a diagnosis of prostate cancer when compared with men who did not drink red wine. When they compared different types of alcoholic beverages, the researchers discovered that red wine provided more benefit than did white.


As for why red wine appeared to benefit the prostate, the authors speculated that resveratrol and other phytonutrients called flavonoids, which are not present in most other types of alcoholic beverages (although beers have some flavonoids), could be a contributing factor, since they have antioxidant properties.

Similarly, another subsequent study looked at data on more than 84,000 men who participated in the California Men’s Health Study and evaluated the effect of red wine, as well as beer, white wine, liquor, and combined alcoholic drink intake, on the risk of prostate cancer.

The authors found that “Neither red wine nor total alcohol consumption were associated with prostate cancer risk in this population of moderate drinkers.” Notice the key word is “moderate.” The term “moderate drinking” for men means no more than two alcoholic drinks per day.

2. Can you drink alcohol when you have had prostatitis?

According to clinical cases, drinking wine can make prostatitis symptoms more serious. Men who like drinking are at higher risk of suffering prostatitis than men who don’t like drinking.


Wuhan Dr. Lee introduce that sufferers should avoid alcohol when having prostatitis. The alcohol will stimulate the prostate, causing more serious symptoms. Especially when you take the herbal treatment, like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, the alcohol should be prohibited. First, the pesticide effect will be affected when you drinking it, second, you may destroy the improvements you had before when you take this herbal pill.


All in all, whether men have got prostatitis or not, they need to be cautious about the wine. They need to drink less to prevent the prostatitis; no drinking should be allowed when they have prostatitis or take medicine treatment for prostatitis.

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