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It's Essential to Take Psychotherapy to Cure the Athopia Caused by Prostatitis

Among the varieties of male diseases,prostatitis is the most common one. It can not only bring damage to the body, but can also lead to mental problems. Many prostatitis patients have a certain degree of athopia, especially the patients with chronic prostatitis. In fact, it’s harmful to the treatment. For curing prostatitis, in adition to symptomatic treatment, the confidence to cure it is also an important factor. Therefore, It’s essential to take psychotherapy to cure the athopia caused by prostatitis 

We know that the main symptoms of prostatitis are urinary frequency and urgency,   painful pubic area, umbosacral region and perineum. These series of signs can make patients feel anxious and seriously affect their normal life and work. Then they can easily fall into depression. Objectively speaking, the prostate is located on the pelvic deep and it’s surrounded with the nerves, when it gets infected, these various discomfort could also be as bad signals which can transmit to the brain step by step.  It will make the brain neuron keep in a state of tension for a long period of time. It can reduce the neurological function. The symptoms can also make patients nervous, sensitive and suspicious. 
In addition to the reasons above, the difficulty in treating the disease is also a reason that affects the mental factors. Many sufferers with prostatitis choose to treat this disease with antibiotics. Of course, this kind of treatment is great for curing the disease, but the side effect of drug resistance can’t be excluded. And it’s easy to make it a long lasting illness. That will bring mental damage to the patients and make them lose the confidence to fight against the disease. Then the mental problems like   poor spirit, insomnia, depression will occur. 
For patients who have athopia because of prostatitis, the timely medicine treatment such as reasonably use antibiotics, Sanjin tablets, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills is necessary. On the other hand, the psychotherapy is also essential. Patients can build their confidence to believe that the illness can be cured by this therapy. The psychologists will comfort patients that if they cooperate with the doctors, they can get rid of the disease soon. It’s beneficial to eliminate the mental tension. They will also tell patients the effects of prostatitis and let them stay away from the psychological panic caused by rumors.  
Self-regulation is also a kind of psychotherapy. For example, patients should change the self-abandoned, lethargic and pessimistic emotion. It’s helpful to take part in effective physical   and social activities. It can help patients find the value of themselves and forget the anxiety temporarily. If patients keep on for a long period, their self-confidence can be improved, these mental factors are helpful for the treatment. But patients should pay attention to the degree in the exercise, the physical strength can’t be overdrew. 
There are many prostatitis patients have athopia. In addition to antibiotics or Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve and cure this disease, the confidence of patients to the treatment is also very important, this is to say patients should have psychotherapy. Only if the mental tension and anxiety are eliminated, and the medicines are being used reasonably, will the disease be defeated efficiently.  

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