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If Your Prostate is Infected by Candida Albicans, Your Spouse Needs to Be Treated Simultaneously

There are many causes that can lead to prostatitis, such as common escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and so on. In addition to these bacteria, prostatitis caused by candida albicans is also common recent years. Patients with prostatitis that is infected by this pathogenic bacterium should pay more attention to the disease. If male gets this type of prostatitis, his spouse should be treated simultaneously. Because the factor that lead to the disease is mostly infected by females with inflammation.   

In fact, candida albicans can also be called mould which we usually talk about, and it’s also a common pathogenic bacterium that can cause gynecological diseases. For example, mycotic vaginitis is caused by the bacterium. If female is infected by mould, male have sex with her without any protective measures, candida albicans could be upward through the urethra to the prostate gland and lead to the prostatitis which is called candida albicans prostatitis. Therefore, if male is diagnosed with this disease, his spouse should get diagnosed at the same time to confirm whether she is infected by mould.  
The reason why the couples need to be treated at the same time is that candida albicans can spread between couples, so  husband and wife to be treated simultaneously is the key to the permanent cure. Although they are infected by the same pathogenic bacterium, there is still difference on the medications. For example, females with mycotic vaginitis can choose clotrimazole vaginal suppository, males can choose immunization therapy which have good curative effect. 
Of course, except for the western medicines, patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine. Some patients may find that antibiotics can come out drug resistance and can take no effect if taken for a long period, these problems can be solved by herbal medicines. For instance, females with mycotic vaginitis can take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. It has the properties of clearing away heat, invigorating spleen and removing dampness. It can not only eliminate the bacteria and viruses, but can also improve the abnormal leucorrhea. Males can oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The herbs in the pill can clear away heat and toxins, promote the circulation of blood and Qi, promote diuresis and removing stranguria. it can cure the candida albicans prostatitis radically.  
It’s suggested that patients’ spouses should be treated simultaneously, only in this way the nidus of candida albicans prostatitis can be eliminated completely. It can avoid secondary infection by having sex with their infected spouse.  

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