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Do You Know What Drugs Are Efficient for Chronic Prostatitis?

As we all know, prostatitis has become a big problem of men. Men with this disease can suffer from much discomfort that beyond our imagination. It can not only bring physical agony to them, but can also bring them mental torture, especially the chronic one. The course of the treatment is long and the symptoms can’t be eliminated in a short time. Patients have to live with the annoying symptoms and wait for the improvement of the disease. It’s really a long time that many patients can’t stand and result in the mental illness. So it’s very important to find a efficient method to deal with the problems. Here are the drugs that may be beneficial for those helpless patients.  



Antibiotics are the most common drugs for treating prostatitis. Patients can choose sensitive drugs, the course of the treatment is four to six weeks. Antibiotics like alpha blockers can improve the urinary problems and ease the pain. Galenica, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and M-receptor blockers can also improve the related symptoms. However, many patients may find that the antibiotics they are taking can come out drug resistance if they take them for a long period. Under this condition, the drugs can no longer take effect and can improve nothing. Once patients notice this phenomenon, it’s essential to change the treatment in case of delaying the illness.


Pain-relieving drugs

Patients with chronic prostatitis can be troubled by a series of pain, such as pain in the pelvis and genital, urinary pain, pain in the perineum, groin, testicles, penis, and lumbosacral portion, painful ejaculation. These pain can severely affect patients’ normal work and life, and can bring many troubles to them. Pain-relieving drugs can be a adjuvant medicine for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. They can be a option to ease the pain and let patients keep a relatively comfortable state.   


Herbal medicine

Nowadays, people have attached more importance to the natural treatment. They have realized the side effects of antibiotics and prefer to cure the disease naturally. It’s one of the reasons why herbal medicine has become more and more popular recent years. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a kind of herbal medicine which has cure many sufferers with chronic prostatitis. The herbs in the pill have the properties of killing the bacteria and viruses, clear away heat and toxins, promoting dieresis and reliving stranguria, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. By taking the treatment, not only the symptoms can be eliminated permanently, but also the disease can be cured radically. Commonly, patients can get rid of the disease in about 3 months.      



For patients who have been annoyed by chronic prostatitis for a long period, they can easily have mental problems because of the anxiety and tension of the disease. In fact, this mental state can affect the curative effect. So it’s essential for this kind of patients to take anti-depressants to control their moods during the treatment. Patients need to face the disease optimistically, any worries about the disease is unnecessary. Once you take a proper treatment and keep a reasonable diet, the disease will be cured some day. 


Different kind of patients may choose different treatments, as long as the treatment is suitable for the disease. The drugs mentioned above are just a small part among the varieties of the medicines that can cure chronic prostatitis, but they may be efficient for your disease since they are worth-trying drugs. 


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