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Something Important About Congestive Prostatitis That You Need To Know

Congestive prostatitis belongs to the chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. It is caused by personal factors which can make the prostate in the congestive state for a long time. For example, riding a horse or bicycle for too long, long-term sitting, and the sexual excitement can’t be released appropriately all can induce this disease. It has heavy damage to the body, such as have impact on the quality of sexual life and the ability of seminal liquefaction, interfere with the fertilization ability, lead to the ejaculatory duct blockage, thus, it can even cause infertility in men.   


congestive prostatitis


Causes of congestive prostatitis 


1.Excessive sexual life or masturbation. Many males, especially unmarried males have the habit of masturbation, if masturbated too frequent or the sexual life is too excessive, the prostate will be congestive repeatedly. 


2.Frequent social activities. Modern people need to take part in the social activities because of the work, it’s inevitable to drink wine. In fact, the alcohol can also lead to hemangiectasis, and then cause the prostate congestion.  


3.Stimulating foods. The diversification of foods is a sign of the improvement of the people’s living standard while the occurrence of diseases due to it as well. Men who often eat spicy foods will simulate the prostate which closes to the rectum wall, it can also cause the prostate congestion.  


4.Long-term sitting or riding. It can oppress the prostate if a man sit or ride for a long time. Driver and office males have a high risk of causing congestive prostatitis.  


5.Environmental factors. If a man catches a cold, the rich adrenergic receptor in the prostate can cause the excitement of sympathetic nerve and make the increasing of urethral pressure. Thus, it can block the discharge of prostatic fluid, and then lead to  sedimentation and congestion. 


The reasons why congestive prostatitis can lead to infertility 


1.The normal semen volume of ejaculation is 2 to 5 milliliter. More or less than this quantity will lead to infertility. However, chronic prostatitis can make the increase of the prostatic fluid and then the semen volume will beyond the normal scope. It will result in the decrease of sperm in the unit of semen. The other condition is just the opposite. When the prostatic fluid is severely insufficient, it can also affect the combination of sperm and egg. Then lead to infertility.   


2. The liquefied factors in the prostatic fluid can adjust the viscosity of sperm. When the prostate is infected, the liquefied factors can be destroyed so that the viscosity of the semen is increased, thus, the activity of sperm is blocked and it can’t meet the egg.   


3.The normal prostatic fluid is slight alkaline, so does normal semen. When there is inflammation on the prostate, it can make the semen PH cannot remain in the normal range, so that the sperm lost its vitality. 


Since you know the causes and consequences of congestive prostatitis, you will  attach more importance to you lifestyle. The key to prevent this disease is to avoid its causes. Therefore, if you have to sit for a long time because of your work, you can walk for a while every few hours. Don’t masturbate or have sexual life too frequent. Stay away from spicy foods and alcohol. What’s more, take moderate exercise to enhance the immunity is also very essential. If you have been suffering from this disease, you need to get a treatment immediately to avoid the heavier damage to your body. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be a good choice for you since it has already cured many sufferers with this disease. The pill is natural and has no side effects like drug resistance because of its herbal formula, so you have nothing to worry about during the treatment. Commonly, the disease can be cured within three months.    




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