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Combined Physiotherapy with Medication, Chronic Prostatitis Can be Cured Efficiently

Chronic prostatitis can really bring severe damages to patients, such as impotence, premature ejaculation and infertility etc. It’s hard to say what treatment is the best since the conditions of patients are different. At present, many patients who have no curative effect by taking western medicine usually choose physiotherapy to cure this disease. However, it’s not efficient to treat a chronic disease by physiotherapy only for this method just can help to relieve the symptoms. If patients combine physiotherapy with medication, the disease can be able to get a radical cure.      


How does physiotherapy work on chronic prostatitis?


By taking physiotherapy, the internal heat effect of biont can expand the blood vessels in the prostate, increase the blood circulation of blood, promote the discharge of glands pathogenic microorganisms and other pathogenic bacteria, and relieve the fibrotic changes of glands and the surrounding tissues. Ultrashort wave therapy, laser therapy and meridian field balancing instrument treatment are common physiotherapy.


However, different physiotherapies have different ways on curing this disease. So it will make different heat effects on the prostate, thus, the curative effects differ as well. Generally speaking, most of physiotherapies can only be beneficial to ease the symptoms, whereas, for chronic bacterial prostatitis, it’s difficult to eliminate the bacteria in the prostate, therefore, it’s necessary to take medicines which can be efficient to kill the bacteria so that the disease can be cured thoroughly.  


The curative effect can be better if taken medication as adjuvant treatment 


Physiotherapy can promote the circulation of blood to relieve the symptoms and eliminate the inflammation while the bacteria can be killed by antibacterial medicines. Commonly, antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria, but because of its side effects like drug resistance and tolerance, not all the patients can have good curative effect by this medicine. And we know that the treatment of chronic prostatitis can last for a long time, thus, the possibility of occurrence of side effects will be higher. In order to avoid the side effects, many patients choose full formula of traditional Chinese medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure the disease.  


The herbs in the pill have the properties of clearing away heat and toxins so that it has obvious effect on killing bacteria. The pill can also promote the circulation of blood and qi, induce diuresis and relieve stranguria, therefore, the damaged organs can be repaired and the nidus can be removed radically. What’s more, it has no side effects so patients can take a continuous treatment without worrying too much.


No matter what treatment you choose to get rid of the stubborn chronic prostatitis, the  premise is that it’s suitable for your condition. Since eliminating the symptoms is not our final purpose, so it’s essential to avoid the recurrence by curing the disease from its root. Therefore, if you choose physiotherapy to cure the chronic prostatitis, don’t hesitate to take medication as adjuvant therapy at the same time.   



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