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It's Significant To Know The Causes Of Prostate pain

Prostate pain is a common disease in clinic, it can bring great influences to patients’ life and health. The pain can seriously affect male patients’ sexual life, and can even cause sexual dysfunction. Many males are suffering from this disease. In order to cure it radically, it’s essential to know its causes. Here, I will introduce the causes of prostate pain. 

Causes of prostate pain 
1. The prostatic hyperemia
The prostatic hyperemia is the most important cause of prostate pain. The swelling prostate can oppress the urethra and bladder, stimulate the pelvic muscles. The discomforts caused by prostate pain are the same with prostatitis. Therefore, males with recurrent prostatic congestion are the easiest to get prostate pain.  
2. biological factors
①Prostate pain can be caused by varieties of pathogenic microorganism, such as viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, fungi, spirochete, trichomonad. The ascending infection can be spread from the prostatic urethra to the prostate gland, and cause the inflammation.  
②The immune ability is another biological factor of prostate pain. If the immunity is normal, even though there is pathogene in the urine, it won’t cause diseases. On the contrary, if the immunity decreases, the nonpathogenic bacteria in the urine can also lead to inflammation.  
3.Psychological factors
The mental activities of human are complex. There are many factors can affect the mood of males and make them anxious, irritable, and depressing. The increase of unhealthy mental activities can cause the reduction of immunity of human body as well.  
4.Unhealthy living habits 
Some males pay no attention to their lifestyles and ignore the healthy living habits, thus, they are easy to be infected by prostate pain. Smoking and drinking alcohol, long-term sitting without movement, eating too much spicy food are all the causes of induce this disease. 
Preventions of prostate pain
1.Avoid eating stimulating food. Stimulating food like pepper can irritate the digestive tract, thus, it will lead to urinary tract congestion and induce constipation. These factors are harmful to the regional metabolism of prostate. If the metabolism of prostate is abnormal, the prostate pain will appear. 
2.Don’t keep sitting for a long time. The long-term sitting can increase the abdominal pressure to the prostate. On the other hand, the prostate is at the horizontal position when sitting, therefore, if there is bacterium in urine, it can easily retrograde to the glandular tube and cause inflammation.  
3.No alcohol. Drink too much alcohols can cause the blood capillary congestion and slight edema which can lead to prostatic gland swelling, then the prostate will be infected and induce BPH(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).  
4.Drink more water. For the formation of prostate problems, the little intake of water may be the biggest fatal reason. If a man is lack of water, the toxins in the urine will accumulate and it can lead to prostate diseases.  
It’s not difficult to avoid being infected by prostate pain if you attach more importance to the living habits and keep a positive attitude to this disease. In addition to this factors, you should also choose a proper medication to relieve the pain. A purely natural medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a great curative effect on curing this disease. Because of its herbal formula, it has no side effects, so patients can get a continuous treatment. 

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