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Is Prostate Tingling A Sign of Prostatitis?

Many men with prostate tingling will care about if it is caused by prostatitis. It’s undeniable that pain is one of the clinical manifestations of prostatitis, but not all the pain are caused by this disease. If one is misdiagnosed with prostatitis, the wrong treatment can’t relieve the pain, and the treatment of the disease will be delayed. What’s worse, the delayed treatment will affect the curative effect.

So, if prostate tingling a sign of prostatitis. Wuhan famous herbalist Dr. Lee will explain this question to us. 

How to know the causes of prostate tingling?
Firstly, from the symptoms, patients with prostatitis not only have symptoms of prostate tingling, they also have urinary frequency and urgency, burning and painful urination. Some may also have dysuresia, discomfort in abdomen, perineum, testicular, anus, lumbosacral portion. Severe patients can even feel the pain whenever they are sitting.
Therefore, the prostate tingling only can’t indicate whether a man is infected by prostatitis. It’s necessary to combine with other symptoms to diagnose the disease.  
Next, the cause of prostate tingling should be distinguished by examination. If it’s caused by inflammation, the prostate will have tenderness, swelling or uneven hardness when having digital rectal examination. Some patients may be normal when having palpation. Then patients will have laboratory examination, if one is infected, the leukocytes and granule cells in prostate fluid will increase.

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