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The Change Of White Cells Caused By Chronic Prostatitis Is A Factor Of Infertility

Chronic prostatitis is a stubborn disease with high recurrent rate. Because of its recurrence, many patients have to live with its troublesome symptoms over the years. Some patients even have difficulty in reproductive system, it can be also called infertility. 




The prostate gland is the most important affiliated sexual gonad of males. It can secrete a substance named prostate fluid, which is an essential ingredient of semen. The inflammation of prostate is called prostatitis. It can be commonly classified into two types: acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Acute prostatitis is simple, it can be cured efficiently by antibiotics.  


However, chronic prostatitis is not as simple as acute prostatitis, and it’s a lot more common than acute prostatitis. Because of its complicated causes, it’s hard to diagnose the disease clearly and treat it permanently. Researches showed that there is a relationship between chronic prostatitis and infertility.  


Chronic prostatitis is complicated because it can be divided into several types, and not every type can cause infertility. Researchers pointed that infertility has been linked to the types of chronic prostatitis that cause white blood cells to mix with sperm. That means chronic bacterial prostatitis or asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, but probably not chronic pelvic pain syndrome.




How do white blood cells cause infertility?


White blood cells, also called leukocytes, are the defenders which fight against the diseases in the body. Normally, the number of white blood cells will keep at a certain range, once infected by inflammation, the number will increase and white blood cells will mix with sperm. Thus, it can have impact on the sperm quality, sperm mobility, sperm function.  


The exactly fact that how white blood cells have this effect on sperm is unknown, but it may have connection to a substance called reactive oxygen species which produce by white blood cells. These substances have the function of fighting against the diseases. Studies show that reactive oxygen species are elevated in semen samples from up to 40 percent of infertile men. And it’s found that white blood cells seem to secrete substances that inhibit sperm.


How to treat infertility caused by chronic prostatitis?


Chronic prostatitis caused by bacteria can be efficiently cured by antibiotics. Thus, the inflammation and the infertility can be reversed. If there are white blood cells without bacteria, the treatments with antioxidants may be helpful. It has been proven that Vitamins C, E, A, and other antioxidants can help to avoid the damage of reactive oxygen species to sperm cells. There are varieties of nutritional supplements that can be beneficial for curing chronic prostatitis, antioxidants are one kind of them. Patients can also take them from many foods, especially fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.


As more and more people prefer to be treated naturally, antibiotics may not be the first choice for curing chronic prostatitis. There is a new herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it has cured many sufferers with this disease. The herbs in the pill has the functions of clearing away heat and toxins to kill the bacteria, promoting the circulation of blood and qi to dissolve the stasis and dispel the dampness, and inducing diuresis and relieving stranguria to eliminate the urinary disorders. By taking this pill, the inflammation can be reversed completely, therefore, the function and quantity of white blood cells will turn to normal. Commonly, the disease can be cured within three months.


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