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Herbal Medication Is More Efficient Than Conventional Treatments For Stubborn Prostatitis

Though prostatitis is a very common disease in men, it’s really difficult to be cured radically. The inducements that can cause this disease include eating spicy and stimulating foods, drinking alcohol, improper sexual life, long-term sitting, reduction of immunity, long-lasting and chronic extrusion of pelvic muscles. Once infected, a timely and permanent treatment is needed.  

The commonly used treatments for prostatitis are antibiotics and surgery. However, each of them have their own weaknesses. Antibiotics is known as an efficient treatment, but the abuse and blindly use of this medication can do harm to the body. Besides, it’s easy to come our drug resistance if taken for a long time. So patients have to change their treatments since it can no longer take effect on the disease. What’s worse, the side effects can cause permanent damages to the body. Therefore, if your prostatitis is stubborn with high recurrent rate, it’s not suitable to take antibiotics treatment. 
As for surgery, patients have to suffer from unbearable pain during and after the process. Moreover, it’s difficult to cure prostatitis from its root and the side effects are varied. It can even lead to sequelae like sexual dysfunction and uracratia. Therefore, if the condition is not so severe, patients had better not to choose the surgical treatment. 
Compared with conventional treatments like antibiotics and surgery, herbal medication called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill shows great advantages. Firstly, its herbal formula has no side effects and drug resistance so patients can have a long-lasting treatment. Secondly, the herbs in the pill have comprehensive functions like clearing away heat and toxins to kill the pathogenic bacteria, promoting the circulation of blood and qi to relieve the pain and eliminate the inflammation, inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. Thirdly, the pill contains guiding herbs(channel ushering drug) which can guide other herbs to the lesion areas so that it can cure the disease from its root without recurrence. 
It’s necessary to take a proper treatment if diagnosed with prostatitis. Herbal medication has a great curative effect on curing stubborn prostatitis. It has successfully cured many sufferers with this disease. If you are suffering from it now, you can try Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

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