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Nonbacterial Prostatitis Is Curable By Taking TCM

Prostatitis can be classified into bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis. At present, antibiotics are commonly used for curing bacterial prostatitis, the curative effect is remarkable. However, for patients with nonbacterial prostatitis, antibacterial agents cannot have obvious improvement on this condition. Most of nonbacterial prostatitis patients are willing to choose TCM to treat the disease, then how does TCM work on this complex disease?

By taking prostaticorectal examination, the prostate of nonbacterial prostatitis patient is found to be larger than a normal one and it’s without tenderness. Besides, there is no bacteria can be found in the prostate fluid by having a bacterial culture. The symptoms are similar to other types of prostatitis, and patients can mainly suffer from pain in perineum, pubis and lumbosacral portion, urinary frequency and urgency, painful urination. For curing this disease, TCM directed at the symptoms. It can eliminate the symptoms and eradicate the nidus as well so that that the disease can be cured permanently. 
To relieve the urinary irritation like frequent and urgent urination, TCM mainly takes herbs which have the properties of inducing diuresis and relieving stranguria, such as H. cordata, semen plantaginis, cowherb seed, etc. In the thinking of TCM, the pain in perineum, pubis and lumbosacral portion is caused by obstruction of blood and qi, it’s essential to promote the circulation of blood and qi. For instance, completed formula of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains red paeony root, peach kernel and angelica which are commonly used to promote the blood circulation. Certainly, for potential etiologies, it’s necessary to take medicine which have the function of clearing way heat and toxins to kill the bacteria, the all-around medication can achieve good curative effect.                    
TCM has its own advantages on curing nonbacterial prostatitis, the medicine that can directed at the symptoms may be a good choice. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which we mentioned above, is developed by Wuhan herbalist Li Xiaoping, who has 30 years of clinic experiences. Its comprehensive functions on curing nonbacterial prostatitis can work efficiently. And it’s patented by State Intellectual Property Office of China.  
Though the causes of nonbacterial prostatitis is complicated, it’s curable by taking TCM which has no side effects. Since this kind of medication is safe and efficient, patients can try this and have a early recovery. 

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