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How To Cure Pain After Sex Caused By Chronic Prostatitis?

Sex is an important part of male adults’ life. It’s a special way to show love to our lovers. However, many males are facing the problem of pain after sex. Chronic prostatitis  is a common reason among various factors. It can not only cause pain in pelvic and genital areas, but also can cause pain during and after sex.  

When having sex intercourse, the prostate is at a state of congestion which can lead to oppress to urethra and bladder outlet. In the same time, the prostatic congestion can also cause discomfort in pelvic muscles. The pain and discomfort can last for a couple of days. The pain can affect males’ sexual desire and life quality.   
In order to eliminate the pain and make chronic prostatitis patients back to their normal life, it’s of importance to cure the chronic prostatitis. As we all know, antibiotics are widely used to cure inflammations and infections. However, this kind of medicine doesn’t have obvious curative effect on curing chronic prostatitis because of its drug resistance and kidney damages. Many patients reflect that antibiotics can come out drug resistance if taken for a long period. Therefore, patients should choose a medication which has no side effects.  
Recently, a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has proven to have good curative effect on curing chronic prostatitis. The pill can contribute to remove the inflammation and relieve the pain by promoting the circulation of blood and qi, and it can clear away heat and toxins so that the bacteria which can cause the disease can be eradicated efficiently. What’s more, it has no side effects so patients can have a continuous treatment without worrying about anything. 
Since pain after sex can affect male patients’ life quality and the intimate relationship with their wives, it’s essential for males to have a timely and proper treatment if noticed this painful signs. Otherwise, it can lead to further damages to the body and the difficulty in curing will be increased as well.  

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