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Should Prostatitis Patients Avoid Sexual life?

Should prostatitis avoid sexual life? Many patients have this misgiving. They are usually worried about two problems: Sexual life will aggravate prostatitis symptoms; the bacteria in prostate will spread to their sexual partners. Thus, they refuse to have sex. On the other hand, the annoying symptoms of prostatitis and the anxiety can lead to the reduction of libido. Then, will prostatitis cause these problems? Usually, it won’t. 


Though the sexual drive can make the prostate congestion which can lead to inflammation and then worsening the symptoms, normal sexual life can help the emptying of prostate. Most of males with normal sexual life seldom have no symptoms of prostatitis. But on the contrary, males who avoid sex have difficulty in relieving the symptoms.  
Prostatitis belongs to the exocrine gland in medicine, it produces prostate fluid all the time. The fluid need to be emptied when gathering to a certain amount. Therefore, in the view of  academic point, spermiation (include sexual life and masturbation)is beneficial for alleviating symptoms of prostatitis.   
Other patients are worried that prostatitis will make their sexual partners infected. It’s also a misunderstanding. In medicine, Bacteria is not the only cause of infections, chemical inflammation, physical stimulation and immune inflammation are all common causes.  The stimulus of urine, stones, or other cytokines can also induce prostatitis.  In fact, most of chronic prostatitis is non-bacterial prostatitis, only 10% of patients are infected by pathogenic bacteria. It seems that we don't need to worry about such infections. Even though you are worried, you can have sexual life by using condoms. What patients should know is that it’s better avoid sex if infected with acute  prostatitis.  
In addition to have regular sexual life, prostatitis patients should also keep to the food prohibitions, food that will aggravate the symptoms should be avoid during the treatment, such as garlic, pepper and chili. Alcohol and smoking should also be avoided. 

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