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4 Tests Should Be Done When Diagnosing Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease which can severely threaten male health. Its morbidity is high. Male patients with this disease will suffer from much pain and discomfort such as pain in pelvis and genital areas, urinary frequency and urgency, a need to urinate a lot during the night, burning and painful urination. Once noticed the signs, males should go to a regular hospital to have a diagnosis. Some male patients know little about the disease and cure it blindly without getting a professional consulting which lead to further damages to the body. To diagnose prostatitis, here are 4 tests should be done. 


diagnosis of prostatitis

1.Bacteriological examine  
Bacteriological examine is helpful for diagnosing prostatitis and targeted treatment. If the test shows positive, it can be diagnosed as bacterial prostatitis
2. X-ray examination
When taking further examination of prostatitis, some patients need to take X-ray examination. It can help to find whether there is benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate lesions. It plays an important role in diagnosing prostatitis. 
3.Digital rectal examination  
Prostatitis patients need to have digital rectal examination. It can show some abnormal symptoms like irregular surface of prostate, some glands harden or have small scleroma, mild tenderness. 
4.Examination of prostatic fluid
When a man is infected with prostatitis, the number of white blood cells in prostate fluid will be increased. By having examination of prostatic fluid, the number and ingredients of white blood cells will determine whether it’s an inflammation. If it’s negative, it can’t rule out the disease easily. But if it’s positive, it can be diagnosed as prostatitis.  
If you have one or two symptoms mentioned above, you should go to see a doctor and get diagnosed timely since the untreated prostatitis can lead to other complications which can make the condition more difficult to cure. To have a radical cure, male patients can try herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This pill is purely natural with no side effects. Patients don’t need to take other medicines like pain killers since it has comprehensive effects.   


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