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4 Factors That Can Induce Prostatitis

As we know that prostatitis can be affected by males’ daily diet and living habits.  It’s of necessity to know the inducing factors to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. Then, what are the factors of inducing prostatitis?   



Prostatic congestion 
Any factor that can cause congestion, especially passive congestion, will be the pathogenic factors of prostatitis. Some patients with prostatitis are not caused by bacterial infection or microbial invasion, but it can lead to infection and then induce prostatitis.  
Urine stimulation
Medically, urine stimulation belongs to chemical factors. When patients’ neural endocrine is disordered, the pressure of posterior urethra will be high and cause the damage of prostate glands. Since there are varied of acid and alkaline chemicals substances in urine, the irritant chemical materials such as uric acid will reflux into the prostate and induce prostatitis. 
Pathogenic microorganism infection  
Many pathogenic microorganism can cause prostatitis, such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses. Bacterial infection is the most common one among these infections.   Clinically, more than 90% bacterial prostatitis is caused by microbial infection.
Anxiety, depression and fear 
Researchers found that 50% patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis have symptoms of anxiety, depression and fear. Patients with pain and neurasthenia usually exaggerate the discomfort and pain. This condition is called “panic prostatitis”. 
How to prevent prostatitis?  
1.Avoid alcohol, cigarette, and spicy foods.  
According to the research, the prostatitis morbidity of smokers is one to two times higher than non-smokers. Many substances in tobacco are harmful to the body. Alcohol and spicy foods will stimulate the prostate and urethra, which can lead to angiectasis, and then cause the congestion and edema of prostate and vesical neck。 Thus, the resistance of prostate will be decreased.  
2.Drink a large amount of water and take more exercise.  
Patients should drink more water which is helpful to prevent the infection and can also hasten the recovery. It will be more likely to be infected by prostatitis is the prostate fluid stay in the urethra for a long time. Drink more water to increase the urination can help to discharge the prostate fluid. Patients should also take more exercise to enhance the immunity. However, it’s necessary to reduce the friction to the prostate, such as long-distance bicycling. 
3. Don’t sitting for a long time. 
Sitting for a long time can increase the pressure to the prostate and slow down the blood circulation, thus, it will make the prostatic congestion which will induce prostatitis.  

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