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Remedies For Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a the inflammation of prostate glands which play important role in producing semen and covering urethra which is the pathway for urine outflow. It will be difficult to cure sometimes. Male patients who have infected this inflammation can suffer from prostatitis symptoms like frequent urination, an urge to urinate, frequent need to urinate at night, pain in pelvic and genital area, etc. Though prostatitis are commonly treated by western medicine, there are also many natural remedies for prostatitis

Home remedies for prostatitis
Parsley, as a natural herb, can exert powerful benefits on keeping urinary tract clean by systemic flushing. Its diuretic properties are excellent. The flavonoids and other natural compounds in parsley can remove prostatitis inflammation and help to clear toxins from the body. Excessive use of parsley should be avoided as it can cause kidney and liver damage.
prostatitis treatment
2.Turmeric roots
The root of turmeric plant contains curcumin, which can efficiently clear toxins and help to reduce inflammation of prostrate. A decoction made by boiling turmeric root in water when taken in 100 ml dosage, twice a day is an excellent treatment for prostatitis.
prostatitis treatment
3.Carrot juice:
Carrot contains a large amount of beta carotene which can help in absorbing lycopene in tomato and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. A glass of carrot juice taken separately or in combination with spinach juice (in 3:2 ratio), twice a day is an excellent prostatitis treatment and other prostate diseases. 
prostatitis treatment
Purely natural medication for prostatitis 
Antibiotics are commonly-used prostatitis drugs. It’s efficient on curing acute prostatitis. However, it’s not suitable for treaing chronic prostatitis for the lon-term use will develop drug resistance and cause kidney disease. Under this situation, patients should take medicine that has less side effects like purely natural medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is invented by Dr. Lee, who is a herbalist with more than 30 years of clinical experiences on curing male and female urinary and reproductive system diseases. The completed formula makes this herbal pill has multiple functions. It can contribute to improve the Qi and blood flow, so that the pain and discomfort can be alleviated. Besides, the herbs in this pill can help to clear haet and toxins, thus, the bacteria which can induce infection can be eradicated. Moreover, with the properties of dieretic, the difficulty urinating can be resolved. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can work directedly on the infetced areas for it contains guiding herbs which can guide other herbs permeate to the prostate glands. With the help of this prostatitis herbal remedy, this inflammation can be cured completely without relapse.  
Those who are living with prostatitis can try the remedies mentioned above. In addition, a proper lifestyle is also important during the treatment of prostatitis. Foods that can aggravate the symptoms should be avoided, such as spicy food and condiments, acidic food, tea, coffee and alcohol. Patients should also avoid long period of sitting and riding bikes, sexual excesses, and vigorous exercises.

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