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How To Treat Prostatitis?

Prostate is the biggest adjunct sexual gland. It can secrete prostate fluid which is the important ingredient of semen. When prostate is infected, the inflammation will cause a series of discomfort such as urinary frequency and urgency, burning pain when during urination, pain in pelvis and genital areas, painful ejaculation and sexual intercourse. These prostatitis symptoms will severely affect male patients’ life quality. Most of male patients have asked the question of how to treat prostatitis.


prostatitis treatment


Long-term sitting is one of the inducements of prostatitis. It will press the posterior urethra and prostate, cause obstruction to blood flow and pelvic floor muscle tension or cramps. Besides, it will lead to urinary reflux and then induce prostatitis. In addition, there are also other factors which can cause prostatitis, such as bacterial infection, excessive masturbation or sexual intercourse, holding urine, etc. 
TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help get rid of prostatitis    
Prostatitis is one of the most common prostate diseases. It’s said that over 50% of males have the possibility of infected with prostatitis. Though prostatitis can be classified into types of Ⅰ~Ⅳ, which depend on the disease duration and severity, on the concept of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), prostatitis is caused by the decreased immunity and weakened body. Therefore, the therapeutic principles include clear heat and remove dampness, dispel blood stasis and promote excretion, and enhance immunity. The dosage of the medicine is depended on the clinical manifestations of patients. For example, if it’s caused by bacteria, the medication will focus on clearing heat and toxins, and remove dampness; if bad living habits cause prostatic congestion and then induce prostatitis, improving blood flow and dispelling blood stasis is the main purpose. 
According to the urinary problems like frequent and painful urination, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill added herbs which have property of inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. Thus, the urinary disorders can also be cured during the prostatitis treatment.   
In addition, the function of clearing heat and toxins can eliminate the bacteria which can cause prostatitis. The scrotal wet and burning pain when urinating can also be improved. Besides, it can improve the blood flow to discharge the inflammatory substances and resolve the urinary track problems by inducing diuresis to discharge the toxins. What’s more, this prostatitis herbal medicine can improve the immunity and self-healing ability. 
Males don’t need to worry too much about the long-term treatment of prostatitis. The infection can be cured efficiently if you choose a proper treatment. In addition, male patients should keep a good living habits and pay more attention to the prostate health.   

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