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Natural Formula For Getting Rid of Prostate Infection

Prostate infection is a syndrome associated with swelling and inflammation of the walnut-sized prostate gland. The two commonest causes of prostatitis are infection and immune system disorder. Prostate pain and related pelvic pain can happen in men of all ages, and it is associated with ageing, more than 40% of men over the age of 50 are suffering from prostate infection.
Prostate gland sits at the neck of the bladder in men, so many patient may also experience urinary problems. When protate gland swells, it presses down on the urethra directly, often causing sleepless nights with urinary frequency, urgency, straining, and intermittent flow.Most Sufferers are treated with drugs to help shrink the prostate or even surgery, these helps a bit, however, these treatments carry a risk of erectile dysfunction or fertility problems.

Now a pioneering new and natural treatment, the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, is designed to relieve symptoms and cure prostate infection completely without risk of long-term damage. Studies show that 90% of patients are symptom-free after three months treatment.

Below are the main causes basic on the Traditional Chinese Medicine's view of Prostate Inflammation:
-Damp heat in the lower body
-Pixu (spleen deficiency) and Dampness
-Qi and blood circulation stagnation (ischemic)
-Liver and shenxu (kidney deficiency)
-Shenyangxu (kidney yang deficiency)

Consists of more than 50 natural herbs, the diuretic and anti-inflammtory pill can effectively treat prostate infection, it helps to improve tissue blood circulation, repair injury tissues, anti-hyperplasia and anti-fibrosis, and diuretic function. Please do not misunderstanding 'Diuretic', it does not mean to raise urine volume, it means to improve your self-healing ability and repair your urethra damage.


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