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Self-diagnosis and Self-rehabilitation of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a very common males genitourinary system disease. According to the statistics, over 10% of males have infected with prostatitis, which is one of the most common prostate diseases. It’s not a life-threatening disease, but it can severely affect patients’ life quality. Because there are no unified principles for treatment of prostatitis, and the efficacy of prostatitis is not so satisfying, which bring patients heavy economic burden and severe psychological pressure. In fact, prostatitis is not horrible, most of males can do self-diagnosis to check whether the prostate is infected. There also some methods of self-rehabilitation to help patients have a early recovery.  


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Self-diagnosis of prostatitis
1.Abnormal urination and discharge from the urethra opening. 
If infected with prostatitis, males will have urinary problems like urinary frequency and urgency, weak urine flow, pain when urinating, discharge from the urethra opening. 
2.Pain and discomfort.
Prostatitis patients often have pain in lower abdomen, groin regions, perineum, anus, testicles, etc. They also have to suffer from back pain, wet scrotum and even joint pain. As the development of the condition, the severity of pain will aggravate gradually and the painful regions will increase. 
3.Sexual dysfunction.
Because of the long-term discomfort caused by prostatitis, it will reduce the sexual function and lead to sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, impotence and decreased libido.  
4.Psychological disorder. 
The annoying symptoms of prostatitis will bring patients strong mental pressure, anxiety and depression. It will cause memory deterioration, dysphoria, trouble sleeping and so on.     
Self-rehabilitation of Prostatitis
1.Keep positive attitude toward the recovery of prostatitis. 
There is no need to be too nervous and depressed. Patients should be calm and actively cooperate with the doctors’ treatment. A herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively cure prostatitis. It’s a curable disease. If patients are positive during the medication treatment, the infection can be eliminated completely. 
2.Males should keep a regular sexual life.
Regular sexual life can not only help to discharge the prostate inflammatory substances, but also strengthen metabolism and improve the circulation of prostate blood. Excessive sex and frequent masturbation should be avoided.   
3.Proper warm sitz bath.
Warm sitz bath is a good physical therapy for married men with prostatitis to alleviate the pelvic floor muscle tension and improve the blood flow. But it’s not suitable for unmarried men, because the high temperature will affect the survival rate and motility of sperm, and then lead to infertility.   
4.Healthy living habits.
Patients should avoid long-term driving and sitting to reduce the pelvic congestion. And it’s important to avoid spicy food, alcohol and smoking.  

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