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Self-care Is Essential After Chronic Prostatitis Cured

Most of chronic prostatitis patients have suffered from the relapse after a regular treatment. The primary cause is that they don’t attach importance to the self-care.   As is known to all, chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure and the recurrent rate is high. When the immunity is weak, the inflammation will be easy to flare up. Therefore, it’s vital to pay more attention to self-care after this disease is cured. So, how to maintain the health of the prostate by self-care?

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Firstly, avoid food that can irritate the prostate gland, such as spicy food, alcohol, red meat, smoking, coffee, sweets, and so on. The inflammation of prostate is characterized by the edema and swelling. The irritating foods can lead to the prostate edema and swelling that result in local pain and difficulty urinating, urinary frequency and urgency. Some patients think the content of alcohol in beer is low and it won’t cause big problems to the condition. In fact, the alcohol will accumulate in the body and cause the same negative effect.       

Secondly, arrange sexual life reasonably. It’s improper to stop having sex after diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Both excessive sexual life and abstinence can caused the occurrence of prostatitis. Regular sexual life can help to discharge the prostate fluid so that the inflammation will be removed gradually. Therefore, after a full recovery of prostatitis, it’s important for males to keep a regular sex to prevent a relapse.   
Thirdly, develop good living habits. Males should sleep early and get up early as well. It’s harmful to stay up late which will reduce the immunity and cause the recurrence of the prostatitis.    
Fourthly, avoid long-term sitting. The perineum and pelvic cavity are easy to get congestive if seated for a long periods of time, thus, it will lead to the recurrence of prostatitis symptoms. 
Fifthly, don’t hold urine and interrupt urination. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause urine backflow which result in prostatitis and prostatic calculus. 
Sixthly, males need to hold a proper understanding of prostatitis. Don’t trust those irresponsible hyperbole of advertising. Chronic prostatitis is a very common male reproductive system disease, except for the reduction of life quality caused by the symptoms, the damages of this disease is not as serious as what the ads said. Moreover, it’s necessary to ease the mental pressure to prevent the depression and anxiety.  
Self-care plays an important role in maintaining the health of prostate and preventing from a relapse. Males who are suffering from recurrent prostatitis can take herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its complete formula works on this inflammation effectively. Proper medication is also important to ensure a full recovery.    

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