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The Judgment Standards For Full Recovery Of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is one of the most common male diseases. Even though it’s cured completely, males shouldn’t ignore the maintenance of prostate health. Otherwise, it will cause a relapse easily. So, what are the judgment standards for full recovery of prostatitis?

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Since it’s a difficult-to-treat disease with high recurrent rate, especially chronic prostatitis, the judgment standards usually depend on the individual condition and the type of prostatitis. Here are the judgment standards for prostatitis recovery.   

There is no bacterial infection found in an etiological examination.  

It refers that after an effective anti-infection treatment, there is no   alive pathogens that related to the prostatitis found from the specimens of prostate or other reproductive organs except for a small amount of bacteria or other pathogenic microorganisms found in the anterior urethra and genital skin surface. The reexamination contains two aspects, the first one is that it can not find the pathogens that have been found before. Another one is that no new pathogens and potential pathogens like L type bacteria found.

Prostatitis symptoms disappear or relieved greatly.

Patients notice the symptoms have been relieved greatly and the test results show everything is normal. For most of patients, the curative effect will be obvious 3 or 4 days after an efficient treatment. 

No abnormal condition found in a laboratorial routine examination. 

The pathological changes and improvement of external genitals can be observed by the naked eye, but the condition of internal genital organs like prostate gland usually need to be checked through laboratorial examination and imageological diagnosis. If the inflammation has been eliminated, the result will be normal.

If a patient no longer suffer from prostatitis symptoms and all examinations show normal results, it indicates that the disease has been cured completely. However, if there is still an infection, patients need to continue the medication treatment until it’s cured fully. As for treatment for prostatitis, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory is also effective. It’s a great treatment option.  

Daily-care for prostatitis.

1.Try to strike a balance between work and rest, and keep regular hours to keep exuberant energy. Avoid long-term sitting, bicycling, riding and driving. Besides, it’s also important to prevent from catching a cold.  
2.Take more physical exercise. It’s helpful to persist to physical activities for 30 minutes per day, which is of benefits to the recovery of chronic prostatitis and maintenance of health. 
3.Avoid spicy food, alcohol, smoking, strong tea, coffee, and other food that can irritate the prostate and aggravate the symptoms.  
4.Avoid excessive sexual life so as to reduce the congestion of prostate. It’s beneficial to keep a regular sexual life so that the prostate fluid can be discharged timely. 


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