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Check-ups For Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a very common male urinary disease. Because of the fast pace of the modern life, many young men become the victims of prostatitis. Once infected, it will bring much pain and discomfort to patients and even induce male infertility. If a man has urinary symptoms like pain when urinating, frequent and urgent urination, he might have got prostatitis. Then, what check-ups should be done to diagnose prostatitis? 


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1.Type-B ultrasonic check 
Type-B ultrasonic check is the most common method for diagnosing prostatitis. Through the ultrasounds, the unclear boundaries of prostate tissue structure is a hint that a man is infected with prostatitis. This method is simple and rapid with no trauma and damage. 
Prostatitis can also be diagnosed with cystoscope. If the there is a mild-to-moderate bladder neck obstruction, the prostate may be infected. 
Cystourethrography is another method for diagnosing prostatitis. Patients with prostatitis will have bladder neck obstruction or incomplete funnel-shaped urine when urinating, and urethral stricture in external urethral sphincter. 
4. Microscopic examination of prostatic fluid
Generally speaking, the leucocyte in prostatic fluid will be more than 10 in the high power field of vision in the microscope, and the lecithin corpuscles decrease, then it can be diagnosed with prostatitis. If it’s necessary, doctor will take a bacterial culture to have a exact diagnosis and classification of prostatitis. For example, if the result is positive, then it can be diagnosed as bacterial prostatitis; whereas it’s nonbacterial prostatitis.
5.Prostate massage 
Prostate massage can be used to get prostate fluid so as to have a routine examination. The prostate will be enlarged and tender if one has prostatitis. Long-term prostatitis will make prostate be smaller and harder. Thus, a digital rectal exam is needed.
Who needs to get prostate checked?
1.Office workers: Commonly, office workers have a need to sit for a long periods of time. The long-term oppress to the prostate will be easily to cause prostatitis.
2.Middle-aged and old males: These males are often lack of appropriate exercise, which will induce prostate problems. According to the studies, a certain amount of appropriate exercise will prevent them from senescence and diseases, and also give them a new lease of life. 
3.Men with irregular life: Long-term alcohol consumption, bicycling, sitting will lead to prostatic congestion which will cause prostatitis. Besides, excessive sexual life will also be the cause of prostatitis.  
4.Men with poor physical health: The low immunity will make the bacteria invade the body easily and then induce prostatitis.    

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