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6 Fruits Help To Treat Prostatitis

Fruit has been recognized as a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s an important part of human diet. Except for maintaining the general health, some fruits can also protect male prostate and support to treat prostatitis. As we know, prostatitis is difficult to manage. Some male patients have tried several different treatments to cope with this inflammation but none of them can ensure a full recovery. Some medications even cause further damages to their body. To have a good recovery, patients can eat fruits to relieve the prostatitis symptoms. The helpful fruits for are as follow:


treat prostatitis



Grapes have properties of supplementing blood and Qi, inducing diuresis and eliminating the swelling. Take 250g fresh grapes, remove the peel and pith. And mash the grapes, then add some warm water. Drinking this mixture one to two times daily can help to relieve painful urination.
2. Kiwi fruit  
Kiwi fruit has function of clearing heat. Take 50g fresh kiwi fruit and mash them, then add 250 milliliter warm water. Drinking this mixture once a day is beneficial to alleviate the pain when urinating. 
3. Sugarcane
Sugarcane is the natural source of sugar. It contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. And vitamin A can support protein synthesis which is helpful to accelerate the rate of cell division and stimulate new cell growth. Vitamin C can enhance the resistance to fight against bacteria and improve the immunity. Eating more sugarcanes can hasten the recovery and treatment of prostatitis.
According to the clinical researches, eat apples can ease the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and reduce the recurrent rate. Apples are rich in zinc which is an important  element to resist diseases. For patients with chronic prostatitis, eat 2 or 3 apples per day can get adequate zinc. Thus, it can help to treat prostatitis.
Tomatoes contains a large amount of Beta carotene and lycopene. The former can help the body to absorb lycopene from tomatoes. Lycopene is a strong antioxidant which can clear away the free radical efficiently. Thus, it is beneficial to treat prostatitis and reduce the occurance rate of prostate cancer. 
Watermelon is also abundant with lycopene. Compared with the same weight of tomatoes, the content of lycopene is less than watermelon. Therefore, eat more watermelon supports to prevent prostate diseases and protect the health of prostate.   

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