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Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Cause Nonbacterial Prostatitis

Though the causes of nonbacterial prostatitis are not exactly clear, study shows that long-term unhealthy lifestyle can cause this inflammation. It can lead to severe damages to the body if left untreated. As we know, bacterial prostatitis usually can be cured effectively by taking short-term antibiotics. The curative effect is good. However, the treatment for nonbacterial prostatitis is not so easy. The unbearable symptoms caused by the disease can affect men’s life quality greatly. In order to prevent this disease, men need to know the inducements of nonbacterial prostatitis. 


nonbacterial prostatitis

Most of men are smokers, even though all of people know that smoking is harmful to health. The nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, and carbon monoxide in cigarette are toxic substances, which will do harm to the prostate directly and interfere the function of vascular nerve, influence the blood circulation of the prostate. Thus, the prostate congestion will be worse, which resulting in nonbacterial prostatitis.    
It’s a common phenomenon that men who are drinking alcohol frequently have high risk of getting nonbacterial prostatitis. The consumption of alcohol will expand the blood vessels which can induce viscera congestion. The prostate is no exception. Many patients with nonbacterial prostatitis are caused by long-term alcohol drinking. Therefore, drinking alcohol is also a bad habit that can induce this chronic inflammation. 
Spicy foods are also inducements of nonbacterial prostatitis, including green Chinese onion, garlic, chili, pepper, etc. These foods can also expand the blood vessels and induce prostatic congestion. Thus, it’s necessary to avoid these spicy foods during the treatment of prostatitis. Otherwise, the prostatitis symptoms will be aggravated.  
All in all, men need to develop a healthy lifestyle so as to prevent the nonbacterial prostatitis and keep the prostate in good health. It’s helpful to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to get more vitamin C. Besides, taking more exercise to improve the immunity can also help to prevent the prostate diseases. However, if you are suffering from nonbacterial prostatitis, you need to take a timely and proper medication. Don’t take medicines blindly since the improper use of drugs can not improve your condition but make it even worse. To have a safe and efficient treatment, you can take herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its herbal formula won’t do any harm to your body. And the herbs in the pill can exert powerful effect to eliminate the symptoms gradually. 

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