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Eating More Apples Can Be Helpful For The Treatment Of Prostatitis

Though prostatitis is commonly cured by antibiotics, more and more people prefer to take natural remedies to treat this disease. For example, many patients choose herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cope with their conditions for it’s more natural and safer. As the antibiotic-resistance pose great threat to human health, researchers has pointed the importance of reducing the overuse of antibiotics. Except for the medication, diet also plays a vital role in the treatment of prostatitis. Study showed that, eating apples regularly can help to the recovery of prostatitis. Apples are rich in zinc, which can help to improve the zinc deficiency in prostatitis patients. Compare with commonly-used drugs that contain zinc, it’s safer and easy to digest and absorb. Thus, it’s more effective.

treatment of prostatitis
Many doctors suggest patients to eat more apples to relieve the prostatitis symptoms. As the inflammation will affect the content of zinc, which is the important ingredient of sperm, it’s essential to improve the sperm quality by eating foods that contains zinc.   
However, it’s also important for patients to know the principles of eating apples. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good.  
Don’t eat apples immediately after a meal.   
As is known to all, eating apples after a meal is helpful to the digestion. Some people usually eat apples immediately after a meal. In fact, it’s wrong. It will increase the burden on the gastric intestine and affect the digestive function. Thus, patients should eat apples one hour after the meal.   
Don’t eat apple core.  
Seldom people know that apple core contains a small amount of hazardous substance, named hydrocyanic acid, which will cause dizziness, headache, accelerated respiratory rate, and even coma if it is accumulated too much in the body. But patients don’t need to worry about it, hydrocyanic acid is only contained in the apple core. Therefore, eating apples won’t cause any health problem.
Developing a healthy lifestyle is very important for patients with prostatitis. It’s beneficial to eat more foods that will hasten the recovery and treatment of prostatitis. Healthy and reasonable diet and proper medication are indispensible.    

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