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Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Works Effectively in Treating Prostatitis

In the treatment of prostatitis, it’s imperative to direct at curing its symptoms. Except that, to find out the primary cause is also very important. As the male hormone keeps secreting with age, which will lead to long-term prostate congestion and then induce prostatitis. Besides, irregular lifestyle, long-term sitting, and excessive intake of spicy food can also exacerbate the blood flow blockage in pelvic cavity. To relieve prostatitis symptoms, male patients should avoid eating spicy foods, alcohol, and other foods that may irritate the prostate. And avoid long-term sitting. The most important step is to take a proper medication treatment. Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, provided by Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, can be used to cure prostatitis. Why this medicine is effective in treating prostatitis?


treating prostatitis


Firstly, bacterial prostatitis will develop chronic if it can’t be controlled by commonly-used antibiotics in a certain time. And the side effects like drug resistance and kidney diseases will cause further damages to the body. Since antibiotics are suitable for a short-term treatment only, patients had better take herbal medicine to manage a chronic condition. No side effects are fed back by patients during the treatment with this medicine in the past several years. So it provides with a safe treatment.  

Secondly, about 90% to 95% prostatitis cases are caused with no infection, which can not be cured by taking antibiotics. To cure this type of prostatitis, it’s necessary to improve the blood and Qi flow to relieve the pain that caused by the inflammation. To reduce the urinary symptoms like frequent and urgent urination, painful urination, difficulty urinating, and weak urine flow, the medication should have function of inducing diuresis to relieve stranguria. Since Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains more than 50 kinds of natural herbs and the scientific combination makes it a full-featured medicine. The complete formula can effectively work at eliminating the pain, urinary symptoms and other discomfort associated to prostatitis.         
In the view of TCM, diet is one of the decisive factors of the therapeutic effect. During the treatment, patients should avoid spicy and irritating foods, including alcohol, pepper, shrimp, chicken, fish, beef, seafood, pickles, soy products, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc. Patients can eat pork, eggs, fruits and vegetables. If the diet is controlled properly, it will hasten the recovery and treatment of prostatitis.  

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