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Is Antibiotic Injection A Perfect Treatment for Prostatitis

Due to the special structure of prostate, it is difficult for antibiotics to work effectively on the affected regions by taking them orally. Therefore, antibiotic injection therapy is used so that the medicine can penetrate the prostate directly. Gentamicin, kanamycin and cephalothin are commonly used in antibiotics injection therapy. The antibiotics will be injected to the prostate directly through the perineum or injected to the affected regions under the guide of ultrasound. Patients usually have to take antibiotic injection therapy one to two times a week, and 10 times as one course of the treatment. Since many commonly-used cures failed, is antibiotics injection a perfect treatment for prostatitis?


treatment for prostatitis


The main advantage of antibiotic injection is that the medicine can be injected to the prostate directly, thus, the medicine concentration will be increased so as to kill the bacteria on and around the affected regions. The medicine can also help to eliminate the inflammation in urethra and other areas. It is a valuable method for treating sticky chronic prostatitis. However, it also has some disadvantages that are difficult to overcome, these are as the following:


1.It is not easy to inject antibiotics directly into the prostate since it is located at a deep area, and puncture can cause peripheral tissue damage and lead to blood in urine.    


2.Puncture will cause pain and discomfort. If it is performed repeatedly, patients will not accept this therapy.


3.Multiple and repeated puncture will cause many problems, such as prostate fibrosis hyperplasia and prostate hardening. The lesions will be separated and wrapped around due to the fibrosis hyperplasia, thus, antibiotics will be more difficult to penetrate and the discharge of prostate fluids will be difficult as well.


4.The bacteria may be brought to the prostate by puncture that through skin or rectum, which will cause recurrent prostate infections.


5.Long-term antibiotic infection will develop drug resistance and then the inflammation will be more difficult to cure. Therefore, it’s important to take it carefully when choosing this treatment. It can be only used when other treatments are ineffective. And the puncture can’t be performed too frequently. The course of treatment should be limited in one to two months.  


Though antibiotic injection therapy can provide better effect on eradicating the bacteria, patients should not ignore its disadvantages. As the development of the medicine, treatment approaches for prostatitis have been updated. At present, patients can take a herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure this disease. It contains guiding herbs which can guide other herbs penetrate the prostate directly. Its herbal formula can provide a safe and natural treatment with no side effects.      


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