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How To Relieve Prostatitis Symptoms?

Prostatitis is a symptomatic disease which can bring patients many unbearable symptoms, including urinary frequency and urgency, burning sensation or pain when urinating, weak urine flow, difficulty urinating, swelling pain in urethra and rectum, pain in lower abdomen, penis, testicle and perineum, erectile dysfunction, etc. Patients’ life quality can be greatly reduced due to these symptoms. Since this inflammation will recur easily, it’s difficult to cure it completely by conventional western medicine. Therefore, patients should take some measures to relieve prostatitis symptoms. The tips are as the following:


prostatitis symptoms

1. Avoid the factors that may exacerbate the symptoms
There are many factors can exacerbate the symptoms of prostatitis, such as overwork, fatigue and anxiety. It’s important to take behavior therapy to eliminate these factors.   
Otherwise, the condition will be worse and the difficulty in treating the disease will be increased.
2. Avoid long-term sitting
From the point of physiology, long-term sitting will slower the blood circulation, which directly lead to congestion in perineum and prostate. Therefore, drivers and office workers should avoid long-term sitting. It’s beneficial to have a walk or change the sitting posture every one or two hours. Besides, patients can take a warm sitz bath before go to bed. It is helpful improve the prostate congestion and relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. 
3. Eat less animal fat  
Though prostatitis can rarely lead to prostate cancer, but it is a risk factor. Those who eat a large amount of animal fat, especially red meat, have high risk of getting prostate cancer. Thus, prostatitis patients should change their daily diet and control the intake of dairy and meat products to relieve prostatitis symptoms.  
Diet plays an important role in treating prostatitis. If one not obey the dietary principles during the treatment, the inflammation will be more difficult to cure. Patients should follow the tips mentioned above and continue the treatment until the inflammation is cleared up fully. As for the treatment of prostatitis, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is becoming more and more popular among patients with prostatitis. Recent years, patients from many countries have had a full recovery by using this natural treatment, including U.S., Europe, and Asian countries. It’s a new tendency in the cure of prostatitis.

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