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What Should Patients Notice During the Prostatitis Medication Treatment?

Prostatitis refers to the inflammation of prostate gland. It is commonly in men under the age of 50. This inflammation can be caused by a bacterial infection and can also exist with no infection. Nearly 95 percent of prostatitis cases are without an infection, which resulting in more difficulty in treating this disease. There are many factors can induce prostatitis, such as alcohol consumption, spicy foods, excessive sexual intercourse, long-term sitting, long-distance driving and cycling. All these factors should not be ignored, otherwise, the prostatitis symptoms will be worse. Patients need to pay more attention to the factors that may affect the effect of prostatitis medication treatment.


prostatitis medication treatment


Lifestyle changes


For patients with prostatitis, keeping a normal bowel movement is helpful to avoid the aggravation of symptoms. Therefore, patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, soy products. Many patients reduce the intake of water due to the frequent urination. In fact, this is incorrect. Drink more water can help to dilute the concentration of urine, so that the toxic substances in the urine won’t cause inflammation. Therefore, it’s necessary to drink plenty of water. As alcohol and spicy foods may irritate the bladder and the prostate, patients should avoid these so as to hasten the recovery and the treatment of prostatitis.         


Try several medications and choose the best one 


The condition of prostatitis vary from man to man. Patients may respond differently to the same medicine. Therefore, patients should try several different medications to find the one that can really control the symptoms. 


As the most commonly-used medicine for prostatitis, antibiotics usually can only relieve the symptoms for a short time and then symptoms will recur weeks or months later. Whenever the symptoms recur, patients should take medicines to relieve the pain and discomfort. Once the antibiotic develops drug resistance, it will be ineffective in the condition. Then patients need to take a stronger antibiotic. It is  excruciating to live with recurring prostatitis symptoms. 


To have a full recovery, the medication used for treating prostatitis should addresses the deeper cause of this disease. As a Chinese herbal medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains more than fifty types of natural herbs. The main components include Plantago seed, Dianthus superbus, talcum, herba laminariae, pangolin, Houttuynia cordata, Polygonum aviculare, saffron, semen persicae, honeysuckle, lignum aquilariae, etc. 


The guiding herb in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can guide other herbs penetrate the prostate gland directly. Thus, the inflammation in the affected area can be removed completely. 


Because of the herbal formula, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill won’t develop drug resistance or cause any other side effects on the body. It is also considered as a natural treatment for prostatitis


It’s imperative for prostatitis patients to do lifestyle changes to hasten the treatment. And a safe and effective treatment is also required.      


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