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What Cause Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. The prostate is a small gland located below a man's bladder and in front of the rectum and it produces fluid that helps transport semen. Once a man suffered from chronic prostatitis, that will influence his life in every aspect. Then, people may ask, what cause chronic prostatitis?

The certain cause of chronic bacterial prostatitis is proved to be resulted from a bacteria infection, it can be treated by antibiotics. 
However, the cause of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis still remains unknown, the following factors will increase the rate of getting chronic non-bacterial prostatitis:
1. A blockage of the flow of urine and hold urine. The theoretical basis of these two factors is the same. Too much urine in the bladder will lead to urine reflux and damage organs like kidney and ureter. Holding too much urine will result in over-swelling of prostate to cause prostatitis.  
2. Drinking alcohol and staying out. These two habits will damage the immune system of the human body. Shing Mun disaster brought disaster to pool fish, once the immune system of a man is damaged, his prostate will be attracted by prostatitis easier.
3. Microorganisms from sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) like chlamydia may cause chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Although chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, the STDs microorganisms will cause this disease if the STDs doesn't get treated timely.
4. Sedentary and cycling put men in the risk of getting chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Sedentary and cycling will produce pressure of the prostate to cause over-swelling of the prostate like holding urine.
Chronic prostatitis is difficult to be cured but it doesn't mean it cannot be cured. Chinese herbalists find that Traditional Chinese Medicine can cure chronic prostatitis efficiently and thoroughly, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made of more than fifty kinds of herbs, these herbs work together at the same time to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and repair the damaged prostate location. 
Living a healthy life can decrease the rate of getting chronic prostatitis as well as many other diseases, chronic prostatitis is curable with the help of medical therapy and healthy diet.

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