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Causes of Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis, or it can be called as chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome, is the most common form prostatitis in men, more than ninety percent of prostatitis patients are suffering from chronic prostatitis, this prostatitis is difficult to be cured and there was no systemic explanation of its causes but some risk factors for men. 

The risk factors of chronic prostatitis can be divided into two types, lifestyle risk factors, and physiological risk factors.
Lifestyle risk factors:
. Sedentary, this is common for men especially official men who need to sit all day long during work. When men sitting, they are actually sitting on the prostate gland. Sedentary produces much pressure to the prostate gland so that the blood circulation of the prostate gland may not be smooth as normally, increasing the risk of getting chronic prostatitis.
. Excessive alcoholic consumption. It is a common cognition that drinking alcohol will cause damage to the liver, heart,  and brain, few people know that drinking too much alcohol will irritate the bladder and prostate gland too, prostatitis patients cannot drink any alcohol or alcoholic beverages contain more than 3.2 percent of alcohol, it is also important for healthy men not drink too much alcohol.
. Exercises like cycling and lifting weights fans. Too much cycling will cause damage to the prostate gland, and lifting weights may hurt the lower pelvis area, increasing the risk of getting chronic prostatitis to men. 
. Unprotected sex. The amount of sex and the type of sex factor into chronic prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex and anal sex without a condom can lead to chronic prostate problems. And the frequency is also an issue, it is important to have weekly ejaculations to clear toxins out of the prostate. 
Physiological risk factors
. A man has a recent bladder infection. The prostate gland is located below the bladder, the fire in the gate affected the fish, once the bladder get infected, it is more easy for the prostate gland to gets infected either. 
. A man has STDs. The man has sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia is in a higher risk of getting prostatitis, prostatitis resulting from STDs is easy to recur so that the treatment for this kind of prostatitis must be effective and thoroughly.
. A man has BPH. An enlarged prostate gland will block the blood flow of the prostate gland, increases the risk of getting chronic prostatitis in men. 
. Too much stress. Stress and chronic tension may be one of the most common reasons of chronic prostatitis, about 50 percent of chronic prostatitis cases are related to a pelvic floor disorder or chronic tension disorder. 
Natural treatment like diet and herbal medicine treatment can cure chronic prostatitis well associated with healthy lifestyle, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, has been proved can cure chronic prostatitis without side effects and recurrence. 

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