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Nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms

Nonbacterial prostatitis, or it can be called as chronic pelvic pain syndrome, chronic prostatitis, involves men in the middle ages or late middle ages, causes pain and discomforts to its sufferers, treatment duration and options of nonbacterial prostatitis can be different. And there are many researches about this disease to help people understand it better. 

Symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis patients can be different in different people, but it always contains pain and urinary problems, a man need to go to the hospital to take a detailed examination if he has following symptoms:

1. Pain in the genital or pelvic area lasts at least three months in the past six

2. Urinary problems like urinary frequency and urgency

3. Sitting uncomfortable or standing discomfort

For patients who are suffering from nonbacterial prostatitis and do not get this disease be cured in time may have more severe symptoms as follows:

1. Pain during urination and ejaculation

2. Blood in urine or sperm

3. Pain in the lower back area and abdominal area

4. Coplications result from nonbacterial prostatitis like epididymitis, urinary tract infection and so on. 

Men can be more alert with knowing symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis, and for those who have been suffering from this disease, they should know terms below which will worsen their symptoms: 

1. Some foods and beverages can be food triggers for prostatitis. Alcoholic becerages, caffeine beverages, tea can irritate the bladder, foods like red meats, spicy peppers, wheat and so on can make symptoms worse in nonbacterial prostatitis patients.

2. Mental condition can cause pain sensation. There has study shows that anxiety and stress will cause pelvic pain, it is important for nonbacterial prostatitis patients to stay in pleasure.

3. Take suitable exercises can be helpful. Exercises like yoga, tai chi, jogging, rapid wakling can help speed up the blood circulation in the prostate gland so that the swollen condition can be relieved. Besides, all prostatitis patients cannot ride bikes for this will produce pressure to the prostate gland. 

As nonbacterial prostatitis can be so bothering, what can patients do to cure this prostatitis? Most patients choose to take antibiotic medicines as the treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis, but antibiotic medicines cannot cure nonbacterial prostatitis thoroughly and will produce drug resistance to patients in the long time treatment duration. 

Treatment for nonbacterial prostatitis must be effective and healthy, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can satisfy these two terms. This pill is consist of more than fifty kinds of herbs taken from nature, it has the function of eliminating pain and inflammation, it can repair the damaged prostate position and restore the immunity in male's urology and reproductive system. 

Nonbacterial prostatitis is normal and curable, patients can live as what they used after recovering from it. 


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