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Chronic prostatitis and its complications can be cured

When people talk about prostatitis, they usually talk about chronic prostatitis, for another two types prostatitis are rarely to occur and usually easy to be cured. As for chronic prostatitis, this prostatitis is really very common among men in middle ages, according to the experts, every man is under the risk of getting chronic prostatitis during his life. 

So, what will chronic prostatitis bring to the patients?
1. Pain and urinary problems. These are most common symptoms of chronic prostatitis, pain in the genital or pelvic area can be the first obvious sign of chronic prostatitis, this pain can last for the whole time, and urinary problems include urinary frequency and urgency are present in every patients suffer from prostatitis. 
2. Various complications in urology and reproductive system. Long time untreated chronic prostatitis will arise different complications include epididymitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on. This is not wired, for all system in human body can be an independent part, each organ in this system influences each other greatly and directly, that's why chronic prostatitis can arise so many complications to the patients. 
Then, what can patients do to cure chronic prostatitis as well as its complications? 
1. Change lifestyles and diet. Chronic prostatitis is a disease related to the unhealthy lifestyles and personal physique, males or patients need to pay attention to their lifestyles, some bad habits like stay up late, consuming excessive alcohol, sit for all day long and so on can be triggers of chronic prostatitis. Improper diet like eating too much spicy foods will irritate the bladder and prostate. 
2. Take a medicine has comprehensive function of the whole urology and reproductive system. The whole concept can be the key of curing chronic prostatitis and its complications, a medication targets on the whole urology and reproductive system can be more effective in the therapy of chronic prostatitis and its complications. 
However, which medicine can satisfy the whole and comprehensive treatment for chronic prostatitis and its complications?
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a herbal pill consists of more than fifty kinds of herbs, is developed based on the whole concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, works well in the urology and reproductive system in men, which means this medicine can reach the goal of curing chronic prostatitis and other diseases arise from it. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a natural medicine with no harm to patients, it will not produce drug resistance to patients like antibiotic medicines, more importantly, this pill has the ability to help restore immunity in patients so that they can resist diseases by themselves instead of relying on medications. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill also has gained a national patent, its formula is unique, and its safety has been admitted by the national authority, furthermore, this pill is a product of Dr.Lee's thirty-year clinical experience.  

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